Wells Fargo Active Cash Card full review

If you are the kind of person who wants a flat ou cashback card, believe me, it is hard to get better than this.

What do I need to know about the Wells Fargo Active Cash Card?

One of the best cash-back cards for a one-card wallet is the Wells Fargo Active Cash Card.

This no-annual charge credit card additionally distinguishes itself from many of the best offerings with a significant cash rewards sign-up bonus and 0% intro APR offer.

Cash-back credit cards are excellent due to their simplicity, even though travel credit cards have the ability to earn you benefits like hotel credits or free flights.

There is no requirement that you comprehend the value of redeeming points or miles, and many cash-back cards have no yearly charge.

Flat-rate cash-back cards require little effort because you will always receive a predetermined percentage of your money back, no matter what you spend it on.

How does the Wells Fargo Active Cash Card work?

The Wells Fargo Active Cash has no yearly fee and offers an unlimited 2% cash reward on purchases. This puts it up against the top flat-rate cash-back cards currently available.

After 15 months of introductory 0% APR on purchases and eligible balance transfers, a variable APR of 17.99%, 22.99%, or 27.99% is applied.

Even though there is a transfer fee, balance transfers made within 120 days are eligible for the intro rate and fee of 3%, followed by a fee of up to 5%, with a minimum of $5. This makes it a good option for balance transfers.

There are various alternative flat-rate cash-back cards that offer 2%, but the Active Cash card is a wonderfully simple choice due to its simplicity and ease of rewards earning.

Additionally, the card grants access to Visa Concierge and the Visa Signature Luxury Hotel collection as well as perks for cell phone protection.

Although lacking in other features, this card is perfect for individuals who only care about earning cash back and don’t need all the bells and whistles.

The most versatile cash rewards card option is a flat-rate card because you may typically earn unlimited rewards on almost any purchase without worrying about bonus categories or spending caps.

The Wells Fargo Active Cash credit card may be essential to optimizing your cash rewards in addition to being simpler for new users to operate than higher-maintenance bonus category cards.

Wells Fargo Active Cash Card Benefits

2% cashback + Sign-up bonus

If a flat-rate card is going to stand out, it needs to be different because there are lots of cards that earn 1.5% cash back.
The number of credit cards that offer 2% cash back is expanding, but the Wells Fargo Active Cash Card stands out significantly because of its sign-up bonus: Receive $200 in cash rewards after making $1,000 in purchases within the first three months.
A 1.5% card may outperform a 2% card depending on your spending, while the majority of other cards that provide 2% back skip the sign-up bonus entirely. The Wells Fargo Active Cash Card stands out from the competition in this way.

Many redemption options

You can use your cash-back rewards in four different ways:

  • An account credit.
  • A $20 withdrawal from a Wells Fargo ATM using a Wells Fargo debit card or ATM.
  • A deposit is made directly into a bank or savings account at Wells Fargo.
  • A paper cheque was sent by mail.

No annual fee

Although annual fees are sometimes the price of entry for more expensive rewards cards, they do reduce the annual value of these cards.

This card is simple to keep around for a long time because there is no yearly charge.

0% intro APR offer

The Wells Fargo Active Cash® Card offers a protracted interest-free period, which is advantageous if you want to use the card for a large purchase that you want to pay off over time or if you want to transfer debt from a high-interest card.

After 15 months of introductory APR-free purchases and 15 months of introductory APR-free balance transfers on eligible transfers, you will be subject to an ongoing variable APR of 17.99%, 22.99%, or 27.99%.

How to apply for a Wells Fargo Active Cash Card?

If you got interested in the plethora of benefits this amazing card has to offer, check out our article on how to apply for it

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