Learn how to apply for the Chase Freedom Unlimited® card

If you are looking for a card that can become the only one you need in your wallet, you need to learn how to apply for this one.

What do I need to know about Chase Freedom Unlimited®?

The Chase Freedom Unlimited® card boasts a great earning rate for a card without an annual fee. You will get 5% cash back, 3% cash back on eligible dining and pharmacy purchases, and 1.5% cash back on all other purchases when you book travel with Chase Ultimate Rewards®.

Additionally, if you use the Chase Freedom Unlimited® together with other cards that earn Ultimate Rewards, you can combine your points for even more value.

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You can redeem your Chase Ultimate Rewards® points from the Freedom Unlimited card for statement credits or travel at a rate of one cent per point through the Chase Ultimate Rewards® travel site.

The Chase Freedom Unlimited® is a tempting alternative with a sign-up bonus that is greater than the value of most cash-back cards, a lengthy 0% introductory APR term, a variety of redemption options, and no annual fee.

Also, there is the cashback bonus, that as we discussed, is amazing in itself

When the two are combined, a card can generate a sizable sum of cash back. If you have other credit cards that also earn Chase Ultimate Rewards® points, it will be much more valuable.

But because of all those different rewards rates, the card is more complicated than competitors that merely provide a plain 1.5% back on everything.

Solution: Use your Chase Freedom Unlimited® card exclusively for all purchases, and you’ll automatically qualify for the extra benefits without having to do anything.

Who can apply for Chase Freedom Unlimited®?

Due to the requirement for at least a good credit score for acceptance, Chase Freedom Unlimited® is difficult to obtain.
This means that candidates must have a credit score of at least 700 FICO in order to have a fair probability of being approved for Chase Freedom Unlimited®.
Like the terms of any other credit card for people with strong credit, these requirements are changeable, but they represent a realistic range of FICO points to be aware of.

How to apply for Chase Freedom Unlimited®?

The Chase Freedom Unlimited® card application process is online, similar to that of practically all other cards.
If you already have a Chase Login, you have the option to apply as a guest on Chase’s website, which takes less time (although, if you need to make your account from scratch, the time you will take is almost the same )
You will nevertheless be required to provide certain personal data.

The application process takes a little longer than usual but is not particularly difficult because it is a credit card for those with great credit.

After that, you’ll have to wait a little time while they examine your case and determine whether you’re eligible for your card.

Is it worth it to apply for Chase Freedom Unlimited®?

If you want to get the most out of your credit card spending, pairing the Chase Freedom Unlimited® with at least one other card that earns Chase Ultimate Rewards® can be an effective way to optimize your point potential.

Even if category tracking or strategically using multiple cards sounds undesirable, the hefty rewards structure of the Chase Freedom Unlimited® makes this card deserving of a position in your wallet.
And if you choose not to, this is so good it can become the only card in your wallet alone.

Chase Freedom Unlimited® vs Aspire® Cash Back Reward

Truth be said, it is very hard to compete with what the Chase Card has to offer. However, we understand that not everyone has the credit score to have it too.

That is where the Aspire® Cash Back Reward comes in handy if you are near to having an excellent score then you can use it to prepare yourself while the Chase card isn’t available for you.

Chase Freedom Unlimited® benefits

  • No yearly charge
  • APR intro period
  • The high pace of prizes
  • No set minimum for redemption

Aspire® Cash Back Reward benefits

  • Consumers with fair credit can access it
  • Decent credit card with a good cashback rate, considering the credit
  • No security deposit is necessary.

How to apply for the Aspire® Cash Back Reward?

So, if you have a fair credit score but already want to begin having the benefits of owning a good cashback card, feel free to take a look at our article on how to apply for your Aspire® Cash Back Reward.

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