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What do I need to know about American Express® Gold?

The Amex Gold card currently offers 60,000 Membership Rewards points to new users who spend $4,000 on eligible transactions within the first six months of card membership. This advantage is the best Amex Gold card perk to date and outperforms those provided by other competing rewards cards. It ends with a paragraph.

With the current introductory bonus, you have six months to meet the spending requirements, which is twice as long as the normal time range offered by competing rewards cards.


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If you wish to cook at home, this card also earns 4 points for every $1 spent at American supermarkets on up to $25,000 in purchases purchased each calendar year (then 1 point per dollar). For travel and other purchases, you can utilize as many additional Amex Membership Rewards points as you’d like.

Following card activation, cardholders are also eligible for up to $120 in annual statement credits for dining and up to an extra $120 in Uber Cash ($10 per month) for Uber rides and Uber Eats orders within the United States. Together, they lower the card’s out-of-pocket expenses from $250 per year to less than $10.

The Amex Gold Card is a great choice for both travelers and those staying close to home because of its vast bonus categories, initial offer, and statement credits. Everyone is aware that going out and traveling cost money and time, so it doesn’t hurt to get a little assistance and extra money now and then, does it?

Who can apply for American Express® Gold?

The three basic prerequisites for receiving an Amex Gold card are having a credit score of at least 700, being at least 18 years old, and being a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States. Additionally, candidates for the Amex Gold card must submit their Social Security number, ITIN, or passport.

How to apply for American Express® Gold?

Like many new economy cards and all American Express cards, this application was created utilizing the internet.

When you arrive, you’ll need to provide some personal data. Due to the fact that it is a card for people with great credit, the application process takes a little longer than usual but is not extremely difficult.

Following that, you must wait for a brief period of time while they review your case and determine whether you are eligible for your card.

You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to get your American Express® Gold credit card if you were approved.

Is it worth it to have an American Express® Gold?

The Amex Gold is more than simply an attractive card. It is a good option for almost all food purchases because of its bonus earning rates on eating out and shopping in American supermarkets.

Even more, value is added making it simpler to accept the $250 yearly charge thanks to the up to $120 in annual statement credits on eating and up to $120 in Uber cash. One of the best offers we’ve seen for this card is the welcome bonus that is currently being offered.

The American Express Gold Card is one of our top reward cards as a result of this.

American Express® Gold vs Delta SkyMiles® Reserve

This is literally a clash of titans and partners, which can only be decided when we take into consideration the profile of the applier.

If you are a Delta Skymiles ® fan, and only travel with them and a lot, then make no mistake, the Delta SkyMiles® Reserve is your card.

However, if you travel with other companies and prefer to spend money on restaurants, Uber, and such, then your choice here needs to be your choice.

American Express® Gold Benefits

  • Opportunities to make a lot of money
  • Possibility of transferring points to many partners
  • The addition of up to 5 authorized users is free each year.
  • Having the option to choose between regular and rose gold versions

Delta SkyMiles® Reserve Benefits

  • The rapid rate of awards
  • Checked luggage not charged
  • Early takeoff
  • Companion advantage
  • Private Lounge access

How to apply for Delta SkyMiles® Reserve?

If you enjoy the Delta SkyMiles® Reserve benefits and want to apply, feel free to check our article on this regard!

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