World Citizen Credit Card Full Review

With a lot of benefits for international users, this card could be just what you're looking for in a premium product.

The Credit Card for international people!

World Citizen can help you around the world. Photo by Freepik

The World Citizen Credit Card is ideal for users looking to take an international card to be able to receive benefits outside South Africa during travels around the world.

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If you are looking for a premium card for one of the biggest banks in the whole continent, the World Citizen Credit Card can be the perfect option.

Keep following this article to learn everything you need in detail to understand how to have this card with you.

How Does the World Citizen Credit Card Work?

One of Standard Bank’s black credit cards goes by the name of World Citizen Credit Card, aiming to offer a series of advantages to customers.

The institution opens up the possibility of issuing the card both to customers with a standard account in the bank and to those who are not yet registered on the platform.

To qualify for the World Citizen Credit Card, the basic requirement is a monthly income of R25,000, with a card limit of R250,000. Additionally, the monthly maintenance fee is R199, and the initiation fee is R180.

The World Citizen Credit Card is designed specifically for those who travel the world, bringing a series of benefits and advantages for international purchases and services.

In this sense, the World Citizen Credit Card is a premium option for a black card that provides access to luxury and exclusive spaces, as well as a series of discounts worldwide.

Although the conditions to receive the card are quite exclusive, the service is swiftly approved for those who meet the minimum income requirements.

What are the World Citizen Credit Card Benefits?

The World Citizen Credit Card comes with complete online management, elevating the experience to the digital realm. Through the app, you can track all transactions, pay the bills, and request benefits.

Within the scope of card benefits are access to local and international lounges and personalized concierge assistance.

If the customer opts for a complete package with the Private Banking subscription from Standard Bank, there is no need to pay the monthly maintenance fee.

Card Features

Here are the main features of the World Citizen Credit Card:

  • Mastercard Black Credit Card with PIN and chip activation
  • Card accepted at millions of establishments worldwide
  • 3D verification for secure online purchases
  • Credit card linked to various payment apps
  • Credit limit changes upon request

What You Can Get

See the card’s conveniences and benefits:

  • Up to a 20% discount on Emirates flights
  • Up to a 35% discount on Avis car rentals
  • Receive up to 10% cashback on
  • Experiences in a range of cities with Mastercard Priceless Cities
  • Another 10% discount on car rentals with Rentalcars
  • Unlimited access to Standard Bank, Bidvest, and international lounges
  • Get up to 15% off with Hertz and 15% at IHG hotels worldwide
  • Full access to Global Blue VIP services for tax-free shopping with Mastercard
  • Enjoy 10% discounts on purchases at the Farfatech store.
  • Access to the Matercard Gamer Pass
  • Comprehensive travel coverage with baggage and flight delay insurance, plus medical assistance

Possible drawbacks

The main issue is that the World Citizen Credit Card is reserved for high-income customers, as it has a quite high minimum value requirement.

Therefore, the company may reject many applications, and it may be a bit challenging to get the card, especially for those who do not yet have an account registered with the institution.

As the card’s name implies, the benefits of the World Citizen Credit Card are geared towards international use.

In this sense, it may not offer much for those intending to use the services within the territory of South Africa, as the cashback and discounts are for international products and experiences.

Though the card is accepted in the country, the benefits and cashback services are more focused abroad.

The monthly fee may also be considered high for many audiences. The interest rates range from 11.75% to 22.25%, according to NCA regulations, while the minimum monthly payment is 3%.

How to apply for the World Citizen Credit Card?

If you’re interested in this card and believe that this is finally the card you’ve been waiting for, go to our explanation about the whole applying process.

Credit Card

Card Application


Got interested? See how to apply!


* You will be directed to an external website

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