Woolworths Gold Credit Card Full Review

The Woolworths Gold Credit Card offers a complete service for purchases both within and outside the retail network!

Cashback of 0.75% on purchases outside Woolworths

The credit card from the retail store chain operates anywhere. Photo by Freepik.

The Woolworths Gold Credit Card is one of the financial products offered by the South African retail network, providing a comprehensive credit card for both in-store and external purchases. It offers 2% cashback on purchases within the brand’s stores and 0.75% on general purchases.

Credit Card

Gold Credit Card

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Following the trend of other retail networks worldwide, Woolworths ventures into financial services, including credit cards.

The card carries the VISA brand, bringing the tradition and benefits of the international credit card operator to Woolworths’ product. It operates as a credit card, not solely for purchases within the retail network, as some customers might assume.

If you believe that the Woolworths Gold Credit Card aligns well with your needs, continue reading for more details.

How Does the Woolworths Gold Credit Card Work?

Woolworths is a retail store that began operations in Cape Town in 1931, aiming to provide a dynamic store in the country. The brand focuses on offering luxury products, including fashion, home, and beauty items.

Currently, the brand is owned by Woolworths Holdings Limited and has over 200 full-fledged stores across South Africa, including locations in other parts of the country.

In addition to retailing in fashion and food, in recent years, Woolworths has also ventured into various financial services. The brand now provides personal loans, bank account management, and credit cards, with the Woolworths Gold Credit Card being an interesting product in its lineup.

The credit card can be linked to a bank account on the platform, featuring online banking services linked to Absa, one of South Africa’s major banking institutions. While the credit card offers several benefits for purchases within Woolworths stores, it is a versatile credit card applicable in any situation, serving as a standard financial product.

Therefore, customers holding the Woolworths Gold Credit Card can use it in various scenarios, extending beyond the brand’s retail network, enabling payments, cash withdrawals, and other standard credit card functionalities.

It is worth noting that Woolworths does not set a fixed credit limit, as it depends on each individual contract with the customer.

Additionally, the card comes with some fees for payments and other transactions such as withdrawals and statements, with varying amounts for ATMs operated by Absa. Therefore, it’s essential to keep an eye on these fees.

What are the Woolworths Gold Credit Card Benefits?

Here are the general benefits of the Woolworths Gold credit card:

  • Up to eight additional credit cards are available at no cost.
  • Easy cash withdrawals from ATMs
  • Full access to the Woolies app for increasing limits, accessing vouchers, online shopping, and more
  • Coverage against card loss and fraud, with 24/7 reporting of issues
  • Short-term purchase insurance with VISA Purchase
  • Optional balance protection to cover deaths, illnesses, or disabilities
  • Basic travel insurance
  • Visa Extended Warranty
  • Medical assistance and services during travel
  • Various free and paid medical services, such as counseling, hospitalization, and more
  • Visa assistance for visas and general services abroad

The credit card comes with an automatic Woolies membership and the Woolworths voucher system. This way, you receive 2% cashback on all purchases within the network, and you can redeem the amounts in quarterly vouchers for the brand’s customers.

In addition to the brand’s rewards program, customers also have automatic access to WRewards, which provides 0.75% cashback on purchases at other businesses and services paid with the credit card.

The WRewards program also includes exclusive promotions and offers, making it a versatile card for everyday use.

Possible Drawbacks

Firstly, even though Woolworths offers a secure credit card with good service, many customers may prefer a card operated by a financial institution.

It’s worth noting that the card is endorsed by Absa Bank, but it may still not align with the preferences of some customers.

Additionally, the 0.75% cashback and the absence of access to lounges and other premium services may not appeal to those with higher expectations from a credit card.

How do I apply for the Woolworths Gold Credit Card?

The application process for the Woolworths credit card is quite similar to other similar services, but it is essential to understand the entire step-by-step process.

Credit Card

Gold Credit Card

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