Woolworths Black Credit Card Full Review

The Woolworths Black Credit Card provides a premium card with excellent services for making purchases within and outside the retail network.

3% cashback within the network and 1% on purchases from anywhere!

The Black Credit Card offers premium services both within and outside the Woolies network. Photo by Freepik.

The Woolworths Black Credit Card is the flagship card from the financial services section of the prominent South African retailer, offering premium benefits such as 3% cashback on purchases within the network and 1% on purchases made at any other commercial brand.

Credit Card

Woolworths Black

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In addition to cashback, this Woolworths credit card, bearing the VISA logo, provides a comprehensive premium service for use both within and outside the retail network.

While Woolworths may not be traditionally a bank but rather a retailer offering financial services, the Woolworths card is a complete offering like any other, suitable for everyday use in various situations.

If you believe that the Woolworths Black Card can meet your needs, continue reading.

How Does the Woolworths Black Credit Card Work?

Woolworths is a retail outlet that initiated operations in Cape Town back in 1931 with the objective of establishing a vibrant store in the region. The label concentrates on presenting opulent products, encompassing style, household, and aesthetic articles.

In conjunction with trading in style and sustenance, Woolworths has also delved into diverse financial amenities in recent times. The label currently offers individual advances, supervision of bank accounts, payments cards and credit cards.

Conversely, the Black Credit Card is the leading credit card in this segment of financial services offered by Woolworths. To qualify for the black card, the customer must have a minimum monthly income of R41,666, verifiable with the appropriate documents.

The monthly service fees amount to R69, with a complimentary secondary card for customers. To apply for the card, the customer does not need to have an account with other banking services from Woolworths.

Operated also by the Absa Group, the credit card is not limited to use solely in the network’s stores but rather for purchases at any physical and online store for products and services, both within and outside of South Africa.

It is worth noting that Woolworths does not set a fixed credit limit, as it depends on each individual contract with the customer.

Additionally, the card comes with some fees for payments and other transactions such as withdrawals and statements, with varying amounts for ATMs operated by Absa. Therefore, it’s essential to keep an eye on these fees.

What are the Woolworths Black Credit Card Benefits?

Explore the general benefits of the Woolworths Black Card:

  • A free Tast magazine voucher for any subject
  • Free coffees at Woolies Café, To Go, or NOW NOW
  • Free delivery on purchases with the card within the network
  • Up to 8 additional cards for family and friends at no extra cost
  • VISA Purchase Protection
  • Basic travel insurance
  • VISA Extended Warranty
  • Full access to the app
  • Cash withdrawals worldwide
  • Free travel and general services
  • Options for personal loans starting at R300 with repayment periods of 6 to 60 months
  • Lost Card Protection
  • Free medical services

Woolies’ proprietary system provides a 3% cashback on all purchases within the network. Additionally, the WRewards program offers 1% cashback on all purchases worldwide.

In any case, Woolworths provides a secure credit card with good usability at any physical and online establishment, both within and outside South Africa. With the use of Absa network ATMs, there are no significant withdrawal and deposit costs, and the brand also does not charge fees for card replacements.

Possible Drawbacks

Despite being a highly competent and secure card, high-income customers may prefer a card from a traditional banking institution.

Additionally, the card does not provide access to lounges and many other international benefits, which may disappoint this segment of customers. Another factor is the minimum monthly income requirement, as those below such values will have to seek another credit card option.

How do I apply for the Woolworths Black Credit Card?

The application process for the black credit card is similar to that for the gold option and other banking institutions. Nevertheless, it’s important to be familiar with the step-by-step process to avoid any major surprises when applying for the card.

Credit Card

Woolworths Black

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