Tomo ® Credit Card full review

Find out here the benefits of this credit card that is perfect for anyone. No annual fee, no credit history checks and more!

What do I need to know about the Tomo ® Credit Card ?

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The Tomo ® Credit Card is the perfect card for anyone! If you have a bad and negative credit score, or you just turned 18 and are looking for a credit card that accepts applications from people with no credit history, this card is for you.

This credit card has several forms of benefit, from fees that could be charged to rewards, partnerships and cash back! Learn here how I acquired the Tomo ® Credit Card and also how easy it is to apply for this credit card.

Fees charged by Tomo ® Credit Card

If you are concerned that this credit card may charge high fees to deliver such a wide range of services, rest assured that Tomo ® Credit Card does not charge annual fees to cardholders!

The Tomo ® Credit Card also does not charge a maintenance fee or registration fee.

If you use this credit card outside the country, you will not pay any fees for such transactions either!

Protections offered by this credit card

You will have experts provided by Mastercard, who will be on the lookout for identity theft. This service is available 24 hours a day, every day of the week and year round! If any suspicious activity is recognized in your credit card transactions, you will receive an emergency alert, regardless of the time of day.

If your phone is stolen or damaged, the Tomo ® Credit Card is insured for up to $1,000 in damages!

You will also be able to count on emergency assistance anywhere, at any time of the day, in any language. This service is called Global Emergency.

A service already known by many credit card users is “Zero Liability”, where you will not be responsible for unauthorized irregular purchases on your credit card.

This way you will have a quality service, without dealing with fees and will still be covered by various forms of insurance and protection. These services are all offered by Mastercard Services.

How do the Tomo ® Credit Card works ?

The Tomo ® Credit Card offers credit limits starting at $100 USD, but depending on how your application is evaluated, this credit limit may be higher, reaching up to $10,000 USD! Over time, you can increase your limit, even if you start with the minimum limit.

To use your credit card you must pay your invoice weekly, as this card works with weekly payment, so every Monday you must pay your invoices for the previous week.

You will also have a transaction limit on the Tomo ® Credit Card which is quite broad.

The number of allowed daily purchases is up to 20. The daily amount of allowed purchases is $5,000.

That is, the Tomo ® Credit Card can help you build your positive credit history by controlling your weekly expenses, in the topic below you will better understand the ways in which this card supports its holders when it comes to building a credit score .

What are the benefits offered by the Tomo ® Credit Card ?

This card’s biggest benefit is the simple form of membership that can be done by anyone, as it does not require a credit history or social security number, in addition to reporting movements in your account to the three main credit regulators in the United States.

When you make 3 rides with the Lyft ride-hailing app, you’ll earn $5 in credit!

You’ll also get 3 free months of DashPass and $5 off each month.

The Tomo ® Credit Card offers customers $90 off value on their first 5 box purchases with free shipping!

Holders of this credit card also get a free membership to ShopRunner, with two-day shipping and returns!

How to apply for the Tomo ® Credit Card ?

If you liked the benefits of the Tomo ® Credit Card presented here, read an article that teaches you how to apply for this credit card!

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