Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card Full Review

The Standard Bank Platinum is one of the main credit cards, offering premium services and exclusive benefits.

Monthly limit of R250,000 and travel benefits

The Standard Bank Platinum card brings exclusive advantages as part of the bank’s premium service. Photo by Freepik.

The Standard Bank Platinum is a credit card that offers premium banking services with a monthly credit limit of R250,000, discounts of up to 20% on international flights, and exclusive benefits for premium customers!

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Standard Bank Platinum

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The Standard Bank Platinum is a Mastercard chip and PIN-enabled credit card for both in-store and online purchases, as well as cash withdrawals from ATMs worldwide.

Additionally, the card provides a range of travel benefits and experiences both within and outside South Africa, making it a comprehensive product for those in need of an internationally accepted premium credit card.

The Platinum card carries the esteemed reputation of Standard Bank and is accepted at millions of establishments, catering to clients with a minimum income of R58,000. If you believe this card could be a good fit for you, read on.

How Does the Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card Work?

The Standard Bank is an African bank with over 160 years of history, serving more than 15 million active customers and managing approximately R1.4 trillion in assets worldwide. Operating in 20 African countries, 4 global centers, and 2 offshore hubs, the bank focuses on providing internationalized services with a strong emphasis on the African continent.

The bank’s services cover a range of specialties in investments, loans, and financial and resource management for both businesses and individuals. Within its array of services, credit cards play a significant role, and the Platinum card stands out as one of the institution’s premium offerings.

To qualify for the Platinum card, individuals, whether existing bank customers or not, need to have a minimum monthly income of R58,000. With a monthly fee of R108.00, cardholders gain complete control over their credit card resources. Clients with a private banking account are exempt from this monthly fee.

In addition to the physical card delivered to the customer’s address upon approval, digital versions are available through apps like SnapScan and MASTERPASS, allowing for secure online purchases with 3D Secure verification. Interest rates are personalized, ranging from 11.75% to 22.25%, offering a Platinum credit card with Mastercard branding and broad international acceptance.

What are the Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card Benefits?

Here are the main travel benefits offered by the Standard Bank Platinum Card:

  • Up to 20% discounts with Emirates through the Leisure Desk
  • Up to 25% off car rentals with Avis
  • Up to 10% cashback on bookings at
  • 12 visits per year to Bidvest lounges
  • Up to 20% off accommodations with TravelStart
  • Up to 10% off car rentals with
  • Up to 15% off IHG hotels and resorts

Lifestyle benefits include:

  • Discounts on US shipments through MyUS
  • Food offers with the Pricelles Specials app
  • Earn up to double Ucount Rewards points whenever the card is used in a qualifying manner.
  • Access to the Mastercard Gamer Pass
  • 10% off selected items at Farfatech

Insurance benefits include:

  • Automatic basic travel insurance coverage
  • Purchase protection

To redeem these benefits, you can check all the requirements directly on the Standard Bank app or website on a case-by-case basis.

Possible Drawbacks

The main difficulty and impediment to accessing the credit card is precisely the minimum monthly income, as R58,000 is considered high for the general customer base. Additionally, the fees for monthly maintenance can also be high. In this regard, customers with lower budgets will need to look for other options.

On the other hand, customers with higher spending may seek other programs with more attractive cashback and discounts, even though those offered by Standard Bank are satisfactory.

How do I apply for the Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card?

Due to the premium and exclusive nature of the credit card, the application form for the Standard Bank Platinum card can be more complex. Therefore, it is essential for the customer to carefully review and verify all conditions.

Credit Card

Standard Bank Platinum

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