Standard Bank Diners Club Beyond Credit Card Full Review

With a range of benefits for international travelers, the card carries the Dinners Club brand with the strength of Standard Bank.

The Credit Card to Go Beyond

The VIP experience with Diners Club! Photo by Freepik.

With a range of benefits for international travelers, the card carries the Diners Club brand with the strength of Standard Bank. It means access to VIP places around the world and a lot of benefits with ClubMiles rewards!

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The Standard Bank Diners Club Beyond is an international card that can fit well with the needs of those who require a widely accepted option, even without a very high monthly income.

This is because the prerequisite for accessing the Diners Club International card is to have a minimum income of R250,000, a value that aligns with many professions and offers good cost-effectiveness.

With a monthly fee of only R85.00, the card has a personalized credit limit and offers a range of benefits, including VIP access to thousands of lounges around the world, as well as travel and lifestyle experiences to enjoy with the credit card.

Additionally, the ClubMiles rewards program provides vouchers for a range of hospitality, aviation, and general shopping companies. Access will depend on the credit limit and the releases that can be achieved with frequent use.

In this way, the Standard Bank Diners Club Beyond provides a rich experience for enjoying entertainment and dining experiences, as well as the freedom to have a card that works in countries in the Americas and Europe, for example.

How Does the Standard Bank Diners Club Beyond Work?

The credit card is another product of the partnership between Standard Bank and Diners Club International, a global company specializing in such products.

Due to the international nature of the services, Diners Club can offer good credit card options that meet the needs of those who need to travel through different countries.

In South Africa, Standard Bank, one of the country’s leading financial institutions, allows the use of the Diners Club card in its range of services, which includes a variety of other options for different audiences.

The main requirements to access the card are to have valid documentation and identification, whether as a South African citizen or as a foreigner.

Standard Bank customers also have a range of other advantages, such as a complete waiver of the card administration fee for certain types of accounts. In this way,

Also Standard Bank serves to connect the customer with the possibility of carrying a Dinners Club card in their credit card portfolio, offering an international product.

The card requires a minimum monthly payment of 3% of the bill, with the possibility of setting up automatic payments directly in Standard Bank’s internet banking account.

The monthly fee of R85 is not subject to any initiation fee. Additionally, the monthly service fee is R30. Customers who hold a Standard Bank Private Banking Signature account do not need to pay a fee.

For subscription to the Diners Club card, the Standard Bank platform directs customers to the operating form of the international brand in South African soil.

What are the Standard Bank Diners Club Beyond Benefits?

As the name suggests, the Diners Club card is for individuals who want to go beyond just using it in South Africa and would like to have more benefits for their travels. In this sense, the card offers the following benefits for travelers:

  • Access to more than 1,300 VIP lounges in over 600 cities around the world
  • Access to the Diners Club Digital Assistant
  • Basic travel insurance is completely free.
  • Access to Diners Club International, a platform with over 45 million Wi-Fi hotspots in 200 countries
  • Special rates for airport transfers and meet-and-greet

The benefits also extend to the cardholder’s everyday life. First, it comes with 24/7 customer support. Additionally, it comes with other features:

  • Members who also have Signature Magazine can access content related to travel, business, and style
  • The customer becomes a VIP of the frequent guest rewards program for Southern Run hotels
  • A direct contact channel to request a credit limit increase
  • Cash withdrawals at over 1.2 million ATMs worldwide
  • Enrollment in the Diners Club Miles to accumulate with online or in-store purchases

Finally, Standard Bank, with a subscription to Diner Club Beyond, offers digital facilities, such as the Diners Club AS Mobile App, to add to the balance and spend anywhere. Additionally, the Snap Scan system allows loading the card and using it in more than 50,000 establishments.

Possible drawbacks

The Standard Bank Diners Club Beyond may fall under a threshold that does not cater to two demographics.

First, those who do not receive a sufficient annual amount and do not have significant international usage needs may not see the point in having this option.

On the other hand, those who have excessive international use and a higher salary every year may be able to get a card with greater benefit possibilities and more premium experiences.

Another issue is about the card brand. It is plausible that many customers may choose brands like VISA or Mastercard. Indeed, Diner Club offers a highly respected option, but the choice is up to each individual.

How do I apply for the Standard Bank Diners Club Beyond?

If you are looking for a good card to have international VIP access without the need for a completely high annual income, the Standard Bank Diners Club Beyond is an option that may suit your preferences. Learn more about the application process.

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