Standard Bank Blue Credit Card Full Review

The Standard Bank Blue offers simple yet efficient management of the credit card for purchases both within and outside the country!

The Standard Bank credit card offers quality with a monthly limit of up to R250,000!

The Standard Bank low-cost credit card! Photo by Freepik.

The Standard Bank Blue is a basic credit card from the bank that offers complete credit management with a limit of up to R250,000 monthly and a monthly maintenance fee of only R40 for the South African public.

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Blue Credit Card

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The Blue aims to provide a credit card without frills, focused precisely on managing purchases of products and services.

Therefore, indeed, the Blue Credit Card does not come with a series of extra benefits and rewards inside and outside the country.

However, this does not diminish the strength of the credit card, as it is quite efficient for managing money with security and peace of mind, thanks to the entire representation of Standard Bank, one of the country’s leading brands.

And if that’s exactly what you need, it’s worth continuing to read.

How Does the Standard Bank Blue Credit Card Work?

The Standard Bank is one of the most respected financial institutions in South Africa, bringing over a century and a half of experience in the South African market. Throughout its history, the Standard Bank has specialized in a range of financial services, particularly in the management of business and personal bank accounts.

Currently, the Standard Bank Group centralizes its operations with excellence and experience to provide banking services to 20 countries within the continent. In this regard, the Standard Bank focuses on various aspects of its clients’ financial needs, including loans, resource management, and investments.

One of the flagship products of the bank is its credit cards, and it offers a variety of card options to suit different budgets. The Standard Blue Credit Card is an entry-level credit card that provides the opportunity for efficient and controlled financial management.

Operated by Mastercard, it features a chip and PIN for added security, along with seamless integration with digital payment methods. Despite being an entry-level card, it offers a potential credit limit of up to R250,000 per month, depending on individual customer conditions.

Access to the card doesn’t require an existing Standard Bank membership but necessitates a minimum monthly income of R5,000. The Blue card can be used for both in-store and online payments, with an initiation fee of R180 and a monthly fee of R40, with an option for automatic payment.

What are the Standard Bank Blue Credit Card Benefits?

The focus of the Blue credit card is to provide a straightforward line of credit. Therefore, it doesn’t come with a range of additional loyalty benefits.

In addition to bringing the credibility and tradition of the Standard Bank, the Blue Card offers the following conveniences:

  • Optional Credit Card Protection Plan
  • 3D Secure Verification for Safer Online Purchases
  • Integration with SnapScan or Masterpass applications
  • Complete card management via smartphone, allowing activation or deactivation of features such as point of sale, ATMs, and online card use through the app
  • Ucount Rewards points for accumulating rewards on qualifying purchases made with the credit card

Nevertheless, the Blue Card offers efficient resource management with security and ease for purchases worldwide. Additionally, the possibility of increasing the limit is also a valuable benefit. Customers can enjoy more flexibility as they use Standard Bank services, especially if they combine them with a Standard Bank account.

Possible Drawbacks

Even though it is a highly competent card, the lack of additional benefits may deter some customers, especially those with higher incomes. In this regard, it might be worth considering a more comprehensive card in terms of extra perks. However, it’s important to keep in mind the potential increase in maintenance fees.

How do I apply for the Standard Bank Blue Credit Card?

The application process for the Standard Bank credit card is similar to other cards offered by the bank, taking into account the customer’s monthly income and needs. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly understand the key information.

Credit Card

Blue Credit Card

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