Southern Finance Payday Loans Full Review

Southern Finance is a South African company that provides personal loan plans of up to R8,000 with quick repayment terms!

Loans with the possibility of same-day deposit!

Southern Finance can offer up to R8,000 in loans! Photo by Freepik.

Southern Finance is a South African company specializing in short-term loans, offering amounts ranging from R500 to R8,000 to the country’s residents through a fully online application form on the brand’s platform.

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The personal loan services of Southern Finance operate as follows: the customer selects the desired amount and repayment period through the application form.

The company will conduct a review of the application and, upon approval, will issue a contract outlining all the terms and conditions. Subsequently, the customer can sign and receive the money, possibly on the same day, provided all requirements are met.

Therefore, if you are seeking a personal loan and want to learn more about Southern Finance, continue reading this article.

Who is Southern Finance?

Southern Finance is a credit lending company operating in the South African market, providing personal loans and aligning with the industry’s main trends.

Personal loans are the primary service offered by Southern Finance, which functions as an authorized credit provider duly registered with the NCR, the regulatory body in South Africa.

Southern Finance delivers its personal loan service entirely online, accessible at

What are the main conditions for a loan with Southern Finance?

Southern Finance specializes in short-term loans ranging from R500 to R8,000. However, for new customers making their first use of the service, the initial loan amount is limited to R2,500, with a progressive increase over time.

The repayment period typically aligns with the next payday, as the personal loan is linked to the customer’s monthly income. In this regard, the repayment period spans between 61 and 65 days.

Regarding fees, the maximum annual percentage rate is 30%, and there is a service fee of R57. In the event of non-payment, additional administration and interest fees may apply. Repayments are debited directly from the customer’s account.

More details about Southern Finance

The process to apply for the loan is entirely online. The customer needs to fill out the platform and submit the required information. Subsequently, Southern Finance conducts a credit check to provide a response.

The company promises to promptly send either a negative or positive response. If approved, the customer receives the contract and, once signed, can receive the money within 24 hours.

As for the use of the loan, Southern Finance’s personal loans can be used for any emergency or purchase, as the company does not differentiate the purpose of the money at the time of purchase.

As the platform is used more frequently, Southern Finance grants up to R8,000 in credit. This is because it creates a user profile for the customer and allows for additional personal loan agreements without diminishing the credit amount.

What are the benefits?

  • Convenient and 100% online: The application process for Southern Finance is entirely conducted over the internet. Therefore, there is no need to wait for a branch to open or to answer the phone!
  • Direct repayment: The maximum repayment period is 65 days, making it convenient for those who need funds and want to pay back shortly afterward, directly through debit, without significant hassles.
  • Transparent fees: Customers won’t face surprise charges, as from the loan agreement, they will know exactly how much they need to pay.
  • Trust and responsibility: Southern Finance positions itself as a reputable company that pledges to safeguard customer information and funds.

Possible Drawbacks

The main drawback of Southern Finance lies in the initial R2,500 limit, as it is the maximum amount for first-time users of the platform. Customers in need of more money should explore other brands.

Additionally, the repayment format within a maximum of 65 days may not be the most convenient for individuals who prefer to split the repayment across multiple installments throughout the months.

Want to learn how to apply?

If you believe that Southern Finance could be a suitable personal loan service for your needs, it is advisable to review all the terms and conditions before submitting your own application.

This can be essential to save time and avoid any delays in the money disbursement process!

Loan Application

Southern Finance

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