Premier Bank Card Mastercard full review

Build your credit with the Premier Bank Card Mastercard and move to a new stage in your relationship with money.

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PREMIER Bankcard believes in the power of second chances. As a trusted partner to millions of customers, it offers credit cards to people who are building credit for the first time or need an opportunity to rebuild credit.

As a PREMIER Bankcard cardholder, you’ll have options to manage your account digitally, receive free FICO Credit Score updates, and have access to an award-winning US-based customer service team.

As with all credit cards that are meant to build credit, the logic of this process is quite straightforward: you build credit by keeping your balance low and paying all your bills on time every month.

Have you by any chance been in a difficult financial situation recently? Have you faced an unexpected expense or a setback in your financial investments? Don’t worry, and forgive me for the cliché, but… there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

I invite you to keep on reading to decide whether Premier Bank Card Mastercards is the right credit card for you or not.

How does the Premier Bank Card Mastercard work?

Once you become a Premier Bank Card Mastercard customer, you can start building your credit by making the payments on time. According to FICO, your payment history accounts for 35% of your credit score.

Premier Bank card reports credit card activity to the major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) each month.

There are no hidden fees, and depending on the card, our APRs range from 19.9% to 36%.

This card features the ability to check your FICO score. While many credit card companies offer this feature, it’s still a nice benefit to have because it allows you to monitor your progress. This is very helpful for you to keep track of your progress and stay motivated and committed to doing everything right.

Your fees are dependent on the credit limit you qualify for, but here is an idea of what it will look like:

  • APR: 36%.
  • Annual fee: $50 – $125 (based on creditworthiness).
  • Monthly fee: $0 – $10.40 (based on creditworthiness).
  • Account opening requirements: $55 – $95.
  • Transaction fees: Either $8.00 or 5% of the amount of each Cash Advance, whichever is greater.
  • For Foreign Currency, 3% of each transaction amount in U.S. dollars.

Premier Bank Card Mastercard charges a one-time Program Fee which needs to be paid to open the account. The Program Fee is assessed to offset the risk associated with the credit card account. The Program Fee must be paid in full within 85 days from the date of approval to avoid application withdrawal, using a checking account, debit card, or credit card.

Regarding your credit limit, it will be between $200 – $700 based on your creditworthiness.

By doing everything correctly, you become eligible for a credit limit increase after 12 months.

Premier Bank Card Mastercard benefits

The whole focus of the Premier Bank Card Mastercard is on the financial recovery of its customer. Therefore, this card reports to the three major credit bureaus, so with regular on-time payments, you could improve your credit score enough to qualify for a different card.

Also, PREMIER Bankcard Mastercard cardholders can take advantage of Mastercard ID Theft Protection, an identity theft monitoring, and alert program. If suspicious activity is found, Mastercard will send you a notification and help you take action to fix the problem.

The PREMIER Bankcard Secured Credit Card can give you the opportunity to start your journey to building or rebuilding your credit right now vs having to wait until you’re eligible for the unsecured.

How to apply and get a Premier Bank Card Mastercard?

On your journey toward financial stabilization through credit building, you can count on the Premier Bank Card Mastercard as an ally.

If you want to work towards your brighter credit future, tap on the green button to apply for your Premier Bank Card Mastercard.

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