PenFed Pathfinder ® card full review

Understand with us how to acquire this card that does not charge you a fee for foreign transactions, in addition to rewarding you!

What do I need to know about the PenFed Pathfinder ® Card?

PenFed Pathfinder  ® Card illustration.

If you’re someone who likes to travel or needs to be out and about for work, the PenFed Pathfinder ® Card is for you. To make life easier for US travelers, the PenFed Pathfinder ® Card offers a variety of travel and tourism rewards!

The card has an offer for new cardholders, where after spending $3,000 dollars in the first ninety days of opening your bank account, you can redeem a score equivalent to $500 dollars (50,000 points).

If you are outside the territories of the United States, you can count on your PenFed Pathfinder ® Card to make your purchases without having to deal with abusive fees and percentages on top of transactions carried out abroad, as the card does not charge fees for this form of transaction!

The PenFed Pathfinder ® Card charges an annual fee of $95 USD, but if you’re a PenFed Honors Advantage member you may be exempt from this fee!

To become a PenFed Honors Advantage member you need to inform if you have already served in the military, but if you don’t fit into this category, you just need to have an active PenFed Access America checking account!

Keep following the article to learn more benefits provided by the PenFed Pathfinder ® Card and also how to apply it!

How do the Card PenFed Pathfinder ® Card  works?

The PenFed Pathfinder ® Card differs from other travel-oriented cards by providing its holders with several ways to make their money and also get rewards for purchases that would be made anyway, but with the PenFed Pathfinder ® Card you can be rewarded for they.

Points distribution

If you purchase travel tickets with the service, you will receive 3 points back. If you are a PenFed Honors Advantage member this score is 4 points!

In general purchases you will receive 1.5 points

How to redeem your obtained score

To redeem the points acquired, you can choose between several options.

You can purchase through a gift card, which can be used for electronics, children’s items, fashion, food, sports, office supplies and many other options!

You can use your points to do charity work too, which will be aided by the PenFed Pathfinder ® Card system.
With the catalog provided by PenFed Rewards, you will be able to convert your score into trips, you just choose!

In the topic below you will find out about the benefits provided by the PenFed Pathfinder ® Card, where the benefits already mentioned will also be detailed.

What are some of the benefits offered by PenFed Pathfinder ® Card ?

As a card aimed at people who travel, regardless of motivation, the PenFed Pathfinder ® Card offers its services outside the United States and without charging a fee for transactions made abroad!

In addition to the score that can vary from 1.5x points to 4x points!
On all purchases made with the card you will receive 1.5x points

All purchases in the travel category will earn you 3x points. If you are a PenFed Honors Advantage member, this score reaches 4x points!

If you total $3,000 in spending during the first 90 days of opening a PenFed account, you will earn 50,000 points!
PenFed Pathfinder ® Card holders receive $100 USD annually in statement credit for domestic air travel, baggage fee, in-flight food and beverage, and lounge access.

You will also have Visa Signature benefits to get car rental collision coverage, baggage delay reimbursement, lost luggage reimbursement, travel accident insurance and travel delay reimbursement, among others that you can better understand through from the card’s official website.

How to apply for the PenFed Pathfinder® Card?

If you are interested in the PenFed Pathfinder® Card, feel free to learn how to purchase it and also discover many other benefits provided by this card.

Don’t waste time and access the button below to make sure this card is exactly what you are looking for and how to apply it!

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