Net First Platinum full review

There is a nice $750 merchandise credit line associated with the Net First PLatinum credit card. Check it out.

What do I need to know about the Net First Platinum credit card?

The NetFirst Platinum card is a part of the Horizon Card Services family of credit products.

Horizon is a family of credit products designed for consumers with bad credit or no credit history. The company began operations in 2006 and became well-known for its Horizon Gold Card (this credit card is no longer accepting new applicants).

NetFirst Platinum has since established itself as one of Horizon Card’s premier brands with thousands of highly satisfied cardholders.

The Horizon Gold Card was a merchandise card that offered a line of unsecured credit towards purchases at the Horizon Outlet – an online shopping portal featuring a variety of consumer goods.

Unlike other store cards, however, the Horizon Card does not work in a physical location. Additionally, the card features no APR on purchases – with customers repaying their balance every month.

While the Horizon Gold Card is no longer available, there is a suite of Horizon Cards, among them the Net First Platinum, but also the Merit Platinum, and Freedom Gold cards.

All these catalog cards offer an instant credit line, and the chance to purchase select merchandise at competitive prices.

How does the Net First Platinum credit card work?

The main benefit of the Net First Platinum credit card, without a doubt, is its $750 merchandise credit line offer and the fact that it accepts all types of credit, i.e. bad credit too.

The NetFirst Platinum requires no credit checks or employment checks to apply.

Horizon has a quick and easy application process. The only requirements to apply are a valid and active U.S. credit card, debit card, savings, or checking account.

So if you have been going through a turbulent period in your financial life and would like to have a credit card despite this, you have a great chance of being approved by applying for the Net First Platinum credit card.

Net First Platinum credit card benefits

Below we list briefly some of the benefits of the Net First Platinum credit card. Check them out:

  • Instant Approval
  • $750 Credit Line!**
  • No Employment or Credit Check
  • Bad Credit, No Credit – OK
  • Always 0.00% APR
  • Fast Online Application

But beware, these benefits have a restricted use, the NetFirst Platinum Card is a closed-loop card. This distinction means that the card only works for purchases at the Horizon Outlet.

The Horizon Outlet is an online store that offers a wide spread of items, including:

  • Clothing
  • Small electronics and appliances
  • Home décor
  • Toys and books

The Net First Platinum Card cannot be used at other stores, pumping gas, or for other purchases.

We can also highlight the fact that the Net First Platinum card offers these benefits at a 0% annual fee.

What would be one of the drawbacks of the Net First Platinum credit card?

One negative aspect of this card that can be mentioned is the fact that your account activity isn’t reported to any credit bureau.

As we saw earlier, the Net First Platinum credit card is quite inflexible; you can only use it for purchases at a single online retailer, the Horizon Outlet. Surely this is not what consumers would want if they had the choice.

Another undesirable factor that we have to mention is its membership fee of $177.24 annually ($14.77 per month).

How to apply for the Net First Platinum credit card?

If the idea of a $750 credit line sounded good to you, it is time to learn more about the Net First Platinum application process.

It is a quick and simple process, and you have a good chance of being approved. So read on to take this final step. By the way, you can try it risk free for 7 days.

The Net First Platinum credit card is an option for individuals with poor credit who may have difficulty being approved for a traditional credit card.

By tapping the green button below you will learn more about the application process.

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