Nedbank Rewards Revolve Credit Card Full Review

Get to know the Nedbank Rewards Revolve, a comprehensive credit card for managing business operations with security and facilities.

The business credit card has a minimum monthly cashback of 5%!

The business credit card is in the Nedbank portfolio. Photo by Freepik.

The Nedbank Rewards Revolve is a business credit card that provides various conveniences and benefits for business administrators, including a minimum monthly cashback of 5% and double-dollar rewards with the American Express card!

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Nedbank Rewards Revolve

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Business owners can apply for the Nedbank business credit card through the various contact options offered by the bank. Upon approval, the client receives a card account in the name of the company, enabling comprehensive financial management.

The card is available for businesses with a minimum annual turnover of R360,000 and offers free enrollment in Nedbank Greenbacks, the bank’s rewards program for the South African audience.

In any case, the credit card provides numerous possibilities for making payments and withdrawing cash at ATMs worldwide. If you believe that Rewards Revolve could be a suitable solution for your business, continue reading the complete article.

How Does the Nedbank Rewards Revolve Credit Card Work?

Nedbank, founded in the 19th century in the Netherlands and brought directly to South Africa in the same year, boasts over 130 years of history with the South African public. Presently, Nedbank has evolved into Nedbank Group Limited, a financial services group providing solutions for various aspects of individuals’ and businesses’ lives.

The bank has distinct sections for personal, business, and corporate services, offering a range of services, including bank accounts, investments, various personal loans, life and health insurance, financial planning for individuals and businesses, and comprehensive financial management.

Another significant product line of Nedbank lies in credit cards. Among other options, the Nedbank Rewards Revolve offers centralized financial management for businesses. The card is suitable for companies with an annual turnover of R360,000, with an initiation fee of R262 and a monthly fee of R53.

Upon receiving the credit card, the client establishes a contract for a card account in the company’s name. The card can be issued with Mastercard and American Express logos, functioning globally for payments and cash withdrawals. As it carries the company’s name, it can be used by authorized employees.

What are the Nedbank Rewards Revolve Credit Card Benefits?

The business credit card needs to have features that precisely cover the needs of a company. In this regard, for more accurate and streamlined management, Nedbank offers the following benefits for the Rewards Revolve:

  • Comprehensive account management through the Money app and online banking services
  • The ability to link different profiles in a single account
  • The option to share the profile with other users and grant different levels of permission to manage the account
  • Up to 55 interest-free days

The Nedbank card also offers a minimum monthly cashback of 5%, with double dollars in rewards when printed with the American Express logo. Other benefits of the Rewards Revolve include:

  • Access to the Essential Guide for Small Businesses
  • Online registration on the BizPortal platform
  • The opportunity to join SimplyBiz, Nedbank’s networking platform.

Moreover, Nedbank provides extensive support for businesses with specified customer service channels and financial managers.

The Nedbank credit card features free payment notifications via SMS and email, along with close monitoring of finances and invoices through MoneyTracker. The Rewards Revolve also offers favorable fee and service conveniences for using the card worldwide at ATMs, physical stores, and online shops.

Possible Drawbacks

The Nedbank card is quite comprehensive for managing the company’s finances. However, it lacks travel benefits such as access to exclusive lounges and stronger discounts with airlines. Therefore, business clients with greater needs outside of South Africa may not feel fully accommodated by the Rewards Revolve, needing to explore other opportunities in the South African market.

How do I apply for the Nedbank Rewards Revolve Credit Card?

Nedbank, especially in its business function, offers different customer service channels and an application process that needs to go through the assistance of the bank’s specialized consultants. Therefore, before considering applying for the card, it is necessary to fully understand the submission process for Nedbank cards and accounts.

Credit Card

Nedbank Rewards Revolve

Got interested? See how to apply!


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