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Check here the reasons for the Merit Platinum Card to become your trusted credit card.

Check here the reasons for the Merit Platinum Card to become your trusted credit card

Merit platinum
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If one day credit card was exclusive to a portion of the population, lately it has become the necessity for many who previously did not have access and condition. Despite the variety of credit cards, not all encompass all existing realities.

Merit Platinum is ideal for people who don’t have a credit history, or who don’t have the ideal credit required by other cards. It also offers perks including credit monitoring and legal assistance.

The process for joining the product becomes simple as it does not require a credit score as a decisive factor for its acquisition.

How does the Merit Platinum credit card work?

The Merit Platinum card is a product of Horizon Financial Service, which seeks to make life easier for its customers by offering a credit service for exclusive purchases at the Horizon Outlet.

Purchases made using the card at Horizon Outlet stores, which include products such as clothing, toys and electronics, are interest-free and help to increase the user’s credit score. With good reviews, the Merit Platinum credit card has become a favorite among those looking for the security of a quality credit card but don’t have a good enough credit score to purchase other types of cards.

The monthly subscription fee charged by the card is $14.95. The charge is an annual fee of $179.40 in installments.

But what is the Horizon Financial Service?

Horizon Financia Service LLC is a company founded in 2011, which aims to help clients acquire financial stability through financial planning. The Company obtains employees with extensive knowledge of tax implications. Horizon Financial Service understands life goals and analyzes clients’ portfolios so they can help with financial management.

And what is the Horizon Outlet?

Horizon Outlet isan online shop that requires anyone to be a member before they access the site. Members are given a 16 digit Horizon Gold card number as one of their log-in details. They offer an array of products for men, women, home, toys, seasonal items, and many more.

Merit Platinun Cards Benefits

No credit history assessment

Ideal for Those Who have poor credit or no credit history at all, want a store card without a credit or employment check and want additional perks, like credit monitoring or roadside and legal assistance.

Merit Platinum Card reports your account activity to some Credit Reporting Agencies such as Equifax, Experian, Transunion. Paying your card bills regularly will increase your chances of achieving financial stability by increasing your credit score.

Seven-day trial option

The seven-day trial option is ideal for those who are not sure they want to purchase the card, but who still want to enjoy the benefits it offers without paying monthly or annual fees.

The Merit Platinum Card does not offer an introductory APR rate on new consumer purchases. In this way, the consumer will be able to create a new credit history from purchases that will not carry an extra weight due to abusive fees.

Pros and cons of the Merit Platinum Card:


  • Potentially lower than average purchase APRs.
  • Considers applicants who don’t have a credit history.
  • Merit Platinum Card reports to multiple credit bureaus.
  • My Privacy Protection: Users receive access to unlimited privacy protection when using their card within Horizon’s online portal.


  • Does not offer a signup bonus.
  • Does not offer rewards or cash back.
  • There are no rewards for purchases

How to apply and get a Merit Platinun credit card?

The method for acquiring the card is as simple as others, possibly even more so. Ideal for those looking to improve their credit score and don’t know how. Curious to put it into practice in your daily life?

Interested in knowing how to purchase the Merit Platinum Card? Keep following to learn how to acquire it!

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