HSBC Premier Credit Card full review

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What do I need to know about the HSBC Premier ® Mastercard Credit Card ?

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The HSBC Premier ® Mastercard Credit Card aims to provide its holders with the best travel and day-to-day services. In addition to great services, you won’t have to pay an annual fee!

Keep reading this article to understand if this credit card has the services that you think a credit card should have!

Fees charged by HSBC Premier ® Mastercard Credit Card

During your first year of purchasing an HSBC Premier ® Mastercard Credit Card you will not need to pay the annual fee! After this period, the set fee is $95 USD.

The defined APR will vary between 14.99% to 18.99% and will depend only on the credibility presented by you.

The ATEG fine is 29.99%.

The balance transfer fee is $10 USD or 4%, whichever is greater, whichever is greater, will be applied to each balance transfer you make.

The cash advance fee will also be $10, but the percentage increases to 5%, whichever is higher will also be applied to each cash advance transaction.

Protections provided by HSBC Premier ® Mastercard Credit Card

Mastercard ID Theft Protection: If your identity is compromised, you will have individual support that will last until your complaint is resolved by the service.

Reimbursement of Identity Fraud Charges: The HSBC Premier ® Mastercard Credit Card will provide reimbursement to you if fraud is identified after you report possible identity fraud.

Wireless Cell Phone Protection: You will get up to $600 refund if your cell phone is stolen or damaged in any way (set amount will be per claim).

The HSBC Premier ® Mastercard Credit Card also features the Tap & Go ® system, where you can pay at credit card machines without the need to insert or swipe at the time of transition. You just need to approach a terminal and hold it for a few seconds, and finally your transaction can be completed.

How do the HSBC Premier ® Mastercard Credit Card works ?

As previously mentioned, the HSBC Premier ® Mastercard Credit Card offers several forms of security for its holders, in addition to reasonable and common rates compared to other credit cards that deliver services in the same segment as this one.

As this credit card is ideal for you to use when purchasing plane tickets, booking hotels, among other categories in the tourist segment, you will be free of paying fees for foreign transactions!

You will also have a bonus for new holders, and a point system that can be used in many areas of the tourism and travel sector! In the topic below you will understand how these benefits work and then you will learn how to apply them.

What are some of the benefits offered by the HSBC Premier ® Mastercard Credit Card ?

The reward points on this credit card are unlimited and non-expiring!

HSBC Premier ® Mastercard Credit Card Distribution System

You’ll earn twice as many Rewards points when you make travel purchases, as well as hotels, car rentals, and more.

You’ll also earn one point for every dollar on your HSBC Premier ® Mastercard Credit Card!

In addition, new cardholders will have an initial offer where a total of 35,000 points will be awarded after spending on their credit card totals $3,000 during the first 3 months from opening their account. This amount of points can be converted into $400 in air travel.

How to redeem your points

You can redeem points for flights, hotel room reservations, car rentals, you can transfer your points to miles, this must be done with the eligible airline.

You can recover as cash back too, which can be done through a direct deposit into your bank account.

You will also be able to choose from several credit card options to redeem your points.

How to apply for the HSBC Premier ® Mastercard Credit Card?

You can apply for this card through the service’s website. You will learn how to apply in the article below, which contains a detailed step by step.

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