Learn How to Apply for a Woolworths Gold Credit Card

Here are the steps to get a Woolworths Gold Credit Card for purchases within the network and elsewhere with benefits!

What do I need to know before applying for a Woolworths Gold Credit Card?

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The Woolworths Gold Credit Card is a comprehensive financial product offered by the South African retail giant Woolworths. Operating as a credit card with a VISA affiliation, it provides benefits both within and outside the Woolworths network. With a focus on luxury products in fashion, home, and beauty, Woolworths has diversified its services to include financial products like personal loans and credit cards.

The credit card, affiliated with Absa Bank, caters to a diverse range of customer needs. While it offers cashback incentives of 2% for purchases within Woolworths stores and 0.75% for other transactions, it may not meet the preferences of customers looking for premium services like lounge access.

The Woolworths Gold Credit Card is a versatile financial tool with cashback benefits, catering to both in-store and external transactions.

Its connection to Woolworths’ voucher system and the WRewards program adds value to the overall customer experience.

However, users should carefully evaluate their preferences and consider associated fees before applying, keeping in mind that the card operates in conjunction with Absa Bank.

Who can Apply for the Woolworths Gold Credit Card?

Applying for the Woolworths Gold Credit Card follows the industry’s standard credit card application process.

The main requirements for applying for the Gold Card include being over 18 years old, having a valid RSA ID number, and receiving a gross annual income of R120,000.

Beyond these criteria, Woolworths does not impose significant additional requirements, making it convenient for customers who may only be interested in the credit card without committing to other loyalty programs or financial services offered by Woolworths.

This approach provides flexibility for individuals seeking a straightforward credit card option.

How do I Apply for the Woolworths Gold Credit Card?


Woolworths Gold

2% of cashback on Woolworth’s purchases 0.75% of cashback outside Woolworths Basic travel insurance Visa Extended Warranty

Cashback of 0.75% on purchases


* Você será redirecionado para o site externo

The Woolworths Gold Credit Card application process closely aligns with industry standards, as previously mentioned. The brand’s online platform, under its financial resources section, features a comprehensive form.

Upon accessing the form link, the initial piece of information required is the South African ID number, providing an initial overview of potential credit options.

Next, the customer needs to provide:

  • Contact details (name, phone number, address, and email)
  • Income details (employer information)

Card approval is subject to a credit check, which assesses the customer’s credit score and determines eligibility to offer the product.

To complete the card-receiving process, customers will also need to submit the following documents:

  • A copy of a valid RSA ID
  • A copy of the latest payslip or bank statement
  • Copy of a utility bill or an original bank statement, no more than 3 months old

Once approved and the card is ready, customers can either have it delivered to their homes or pick it up directly at authorized stores within the network.

Additionally, customers can request assistance through Woolworths’ other communication channels, including visiting one of the hundreds of stores located throughout South Africa.

Want to learn about another option?

The South African market offers various credit card options catering to different needs. One notable choice is the Nedbank Business Credit Card, designed specifically for established entrepreneurs looking to consolidate their monthly expenses into a single credit card. You can explore more details about this product for your business needs.

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