Learn how to apply for the Tomo Credit Card

Learn how to apply for the Tomo ® Credit Card. The card that offers you promotions if you charge an annual fee!

What do I need to know about the Tomo ® Credit Card ?

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If you are a person looking for a credit card that can offer a very good service without charging you abusive fees, such as annual or maintenance, you should know Tomo ® Credit Card. This credit card allows its holders to enjoy the basic services of a credit card, in addition to some benefits, through an easy subscription form!

In this article you will find how to join the Tomo ® Credit Card, as well as learn about the various benefits offered by this credit card. Waste no time and read on to find out if you should become a starter!


Tomo ® Credit Card

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The Tomo ® Credit Card does not charge fees for using it! That’s right, you can use your credit card without paying annual fees, maintenance fees, fees for foreign transactions, among many others!

In addition, if you are someone who cannot find a credit card that accepts your application, you can easily purchase the Tomo ® Credit Card, as it does not require you to have a healthy or positive credit history, and it does not require a social security number.

By applying for this credit card, you will also be acquiring a security system with various forms of protection for your card and also for material goods, such as your cell phone!

If you are looking to improve your credit history or are looking to start one, the Tomo ® Credit Card is also perfect for that, as it reports your account movements to the three main credit regulatory agencies in the United States! And the bill payment method for this credit card makes that score grow even faster.

How do the Tomo ® Credit Card works?

When making your application, you will go through an analysis to define the credit limit of your Tomo ® Credit Card. This limit can initially be $100 or even $10,000! If you keep your credit card payments on time, you can quickly increase your credit limit.

The payment method defined for this credit card differs from many credit cards, as invoices must be paid weekly, every Monday, so your credit history can quickly grow beyond your credit limit!

You can make up to 20 purchases per day, and the total is $5,000. Making Tomo ® Credit Card holders able to have control over their expenses and transactions.

As previously mentioned, you will be entitled to protection against theft, fraud and loss anywhere in the world, also counting on a service that will be available to you every day of the week, at all possible hours!

Insurance of up to $1,000 USD will be provided in case of damage or loss of your cell phone.

Who can apply for the Tomo ® Credit Card ?

To sign up for the Tomo ® Credit Card you won’t need to own a lot of things, as this is a great differentiator of this credit card, its easy way of joining.

You will only need to be of legal age, have a valid address in the United States and territories, and an active bank account for your invoice amount to be redeemed.

You won’t need to show a social security number or credit history!

In the topic below you will have access to a step by step on how to acquire this credit card.

How to apply for the Tomo ® Credit Card ?

To adhere to Tomo ® Credit Card, you will need to access the service’s website that can be found in this article, where you will fill in some gaps with your information.

Your first and last name, age and address will be required by the service, in addition to a valid address and telephone number and e-mail so that you can be contacted by Tomo ® Credit Card.

After filling all spaces you will have to accept the terms and conditions of use and wait for an update on your application.

Tomo ® Credit Card vs. Scotia Momentum ® Visa ® Cash Back credit card

These credit cards are different in their services, but you can subscribe to both if you want to have different ways of making your purchases.

Tomo ® Credit Card pros

  • No annual fee
  • Easy adhesion
  • Reports to the three main credit bureaus

Scotia Momentum ® Visa ® Cash Back credit card pros

  • easy adhesion
  • bonus for new starters
  • cashback system

How to apply for the Scotia Momentum ® Visa ® Cash Back credit card ?

We’ve put together an article for you here that has details on how to apply for the Scotia Momentum ® Visa ® Cash Back credit card.

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