How to apply for the Platinum Card by American Express

Save traveling: This card is ideal for anyone who likes to travel and receive rewards! Learn here how to purchase.

What do I need to know about the Platinum American Express Card?

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The Platinum Card is a service offered by American Express that has a wide range of rewards distributed through rewards and cashbacks to users, in addition to discounts granted through American Express partnerships with other Companies in the most diversified fields.

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Platinum Card

Daily rewards No foreign transaction fee

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The card draws attention for its attractive features mainly aimed at the travel and tourism sector, with great rewards that reach up to 5x points for purchases of airline tickets made through American Express Travel and also directly with airlines.

In addition to its rewards, the Platinum American Express Card also offers three bold designs for the customer to choose the one that best suits them, the arts were made by different artists that left each option unique. The types are; Classic Platinum, Platinum X Kehinde Wiley and Platinum X Julie Merehtu. Design choice does not affect user fees!

The Platinum American Express Card has an initial offer where the user can receive 100,000 reward points for the continuous use of the card during the first six months of use and totaling $6000 spent using the service.

Who can apply for the Platinum American Express Card?

To apply for the card you must be at least 18 years of age and have an active bank account.

Achieving a healthy credit score is a differentiator when applying for the card, as although there is no official income requirement to apply, you will have to prove that you will be able to pay for the great services offered by the Platinum Card.

How to apply for the Platinum American Express Card?

The process for acquiring the services is simple, being carried out quickly through a required form on the official American Express website where you can apply for the service by providing personal information such as name, email, home address, among other normal business information. be requested in credit card applications.

On this same page you will be able to choose between the three options, the design that will please you the most!

After entering your personal data, a new tab will open where you will need to provide financial information so that it can be forwarded for analysis.

Is it worth it to have an Platinum American Express Card?

If you are used to traveling a lot nationally and internationally, this card is definitely for you. The rewards service allows the user to enjoy their adventures more economically and making their money yield more and the credit spent can be directed towards other purchases.

The service allows the customer to have security regardless of where they are and for any eventual emergency you will be able to use the Platinum American Express Card and thus, continue to grow your income and credit score history.

You will be able to acquire up to 5x points for purchases and also get cash back on in-app transport services.

Platinum Card vs First Latitude Platinum Card

The Platinum Card offers its users the possibility to obtain rewards and cash back for purchases in the most diverse types of commerce and does not charge a fee for foreign transactions. On the other hand, it has an annual fee that can be considered high compared to other credit card services, such as the First Latitude Platinum Card.

The First Latitude Platinum Card, despite being ideal for those looking for a new positive credit history, does not have a rewards system for purchases made using the card. The annual fee charged for the services is considered small.

Platinum Card pros

  • No foreign transaction fee
  • Scoring system
  • Cashback system
  • easy adhesion

First Latitude Platinum Card pros

  • Low annual service fee
  • Simple membership
  • No credit history consultation
  • Possible membership of another card

Learn how to purchase the First Latitude Platinum Card at the link inserted below!

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