Learn How to Apply for a Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card

See the step-by-step guide to applying for the Standard Bank Platinum Card, one of the most respected institutions in the country.

What do I need to know before applying for a Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card?

The Standard Bank Platinum Card offers premium services both domestically and internationally. Photo by Freepik.

The Standard Bank Platinum is a premium credit card offered by one of South Africa’s largest banks, boasting a rich history of over 160 years and a strong presence across Africa and globally.

The bank provides an extensive array of financial services, including specialized offerings in investments, loans, and financial management for both individuals and businesses.

This Platinum card is equipped with chip and PIN technology, ensuring secure transactions both online and in physical stores. Additionally, it offers a comprehensive travel benefits package, including discounts with Emirates and Avis, cashback on Booking.com reservations, and access to Bidvest lounges.

The card extends its perks to lifestyle benefits, such as discounts on MyUS shipping, special offers on Pricelles, and access to the Mastercard Gamer Pass. Moreover, it includes insurance coverage for travel and purchase protection, enhancing the overall value for qualified users.

For those with financial means, it provides a gateway to exclusive travel experiences, lifestyle benefits, and personalized financial services through the reputable Standard Bank.

Who can Apply for the Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card?

Firstly, Standard Bank allows both existing banking customers and those without any prior relationship with the South African institution to apply for the Platinum Credit Card.

Regardless, the Platinum card is a premium service from Standard Bank, offering a prime product with benefits tailored to individuals with higher needs and expenditures.

In this regard, to qualify for the card, one must be over 18 years old and a duly registered citizen with a South African ID.

Furthermore, the primary cutoff requirement is the minimum monthly income, as the Platinum Credit Card is only available to individuals with provable monthly earnings of at least R58,000.

Additionally, there are no other significant distinctions, but it’s worth noting that Standard Bank does not guarantee approval even if the customer meets the requirements, as there is a verification of availability.

How do I Apply for the Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card?


Standard Bank Platinum

Exclusive travel benefits Discounts on luxury products Purchase protection Automatic basic travel insurance coverage

Monthly limit of R250,000 and travel benefits


* You will be directed to an external website

Standard Bank offers the option to apply for the Platinum Credit Card to both existing customers and non-customers of the bank. Existing customers can log in to Internet Banking and select the ‘Borrow’ menu to fill in the necessary information and undergo a qualification check for the bank’s credit cards.

Additionally, those with a Standard Bank account can apply through the bank’s app by logging in and navigating to the ‘Personal Loan’ and ‘Credit Card Application’ menus.

For customers, there is also the option to apply over the phone by dialing *120*2345# directly from their mobile phones.

Non-customers of Standard Bank can initiate the application process through the ‘Call me Back’ form, providing details such as name, South African ID number, phone number, gross monthly income, and total monthly expenses. Subsequently, Standard Bank will get in touch to proceed with the application.

Throughout the process, customers will need to submit various documents, including a copy of their ID or passport (for non-South African citizens), a recent payslip, bank statements from the last three months, and a proof of residence dated within the last three months.

The bank will conduct a thorough verification to assess the eligibility for the Platinum card.

Want to learn about another option?

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