Learn how to apply for the Standard Bank Diners Club Platinum

Check out a step-by-step guide to obtaining the Standard Bank Diners Club Platinum and discover how you may get your card.

What do I need to know before applying to the Standard Bank Diners Platinum?

Diners Club International gives you different benefits outside South Africa. Photo by Pixabay

If you are a Standard Bank customer and are interested in a credit card that offers comfortable international experiences and is widely accepted worldwide, the Diners Club Platinum is a great option.

And even if you have not yet contacted the banking services of one of the largest financial institutions in South Africa, it is still possible to apply to qualify to receive the Diners Club Platinum card.

The international brand is one of the leading credit card providers, especially focusing on airport experiences and rewards in airfares and transfers.

Additionally, it offers free insurance coverage and extensive customer service, even for those outside the country. If you want to know more about Diners Club Platinum, keep reading.

Who can apply for Standard Bank Diners Club Platinum?

To have access to the Diners Club card with Standard Bank, you must be over 18 years old. The bank offers the card to customers who already have an account, or it is also possible to open one within 48 hours.

The main requirement to apply for Diners Club Platinum is a minimum annual income of R500,000 with proof. Another condition required is not to have negatively affected credit due to defaulting on other charges, as this will be taken into account during the evaluation.

Standard Bank does not limit any specific area of work for card approval, as the most relevant factor is the monthly income. However, the application process includes a special check for high-ranking public service members.

This is because the company may offer additional benefits and services for those working in important international relations positions with very specific job requirements.

How do I apply for Diners Club Platinum?


Standard Bank Diners Club Platinum Credit Card

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The application website at Standard Bank redirects the user to the Dinners Club South Africa platform for filling in contact information.

In this sense, the system requests:

  • Full name
  • Gender
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Monthly gross income
  • Total monthly expenses

The application form also asks for declarations regarding the prominence of influential people, targeting public officials in positions of authority.

Additionally, the client needs to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to receiving exclusive offers and benefits, as well as affirm that they are not insolvent or under debt review.

The application form also requests the following information:

  • Authenticated copy of ID or passport with validity
  • Public utility bill not exceeding 3 months to verify residential address
  • Copy of the latest IRP5 income tax statement
  • Original bank statements from the last 3 months If opting for a copy, it needs to be stamped by the bank.
  • Tax number
  • SARS payment receipt
  • Salary advice

This way, upon submitting the information, the bank and the credit card company will analyze all aspects to verify eligibility.

The scope of services from Dinners Club International with Standard Bank offers extensive internationalization with the traditional security of the South African banking institution.

Standard’s Internet Banking offers constant monitoring of the card, with the possibility of directly increasing the credit limit in the app. In addition, digital platforms can block or activate the card, as well as provide access to benefits and features.

Want to learn about another option?

The market for credit cards with extensive international use and access to VIP lounges is quite diverse, even within the scope of Standard Bank.

This is because the respected South African company also offers another option for its customers, the World Citizen Credit Card. With excellent management and a range of benefits, the Standard Bank card comes with a series of features for travelers.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about this alternative, you can check out our comprehensive article with a full review of the card.

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