Learn How to Apply for a Standard Bank Blue Credit Card

Here's the complete step-by-step guide to applying for the Blue Credit Card from Standard Bank, whether you are an existing customer or not.

What do I need to know before applying for a Standard Bank Blue Credit Card?

The application process for the Blue Credit Card is streamlined to make it easy for customers. Photo by Freepik.

The Standard Bank Blue credit card is an entry-level offering from one of South Africa’s most reputable financial institutions, with over 150 years of experience. This card aims to provide straightforward credit management without extensive loyalty benefits.

Operated by Mastercard, it comes with chip and PIN technology and seamless integration with digital payment methods.

Despite being an entry-level card, the Standard Bank Blue offers a credit limit of up to R250,000, contingent on individual conditions. It doesn’t require existing Standard Bank customers, but a minimum monthly income of R5,000 is necessary.

The card facilitates payments in physical stores and online, with an initiation fee of R180 and a monthly fee of R40, with the option of automatic payment.

While the Blue Card lacks extensive loyalty perks, it does provide optional features such as credit card protection and 3D Secure verification for secure online transactions. The card is easily managed through a smartphone app, allowing users to activate or deactivate features like point-of-sale, ATM, and online card usage. Additionally, it participates in the UCount Rewards program, accumulating points for qualifying purchases.

The application process aligns with other Standard Bank cards, emphasizing monthly income and individual needs. Overall, Standard Bank Blue offers straightforward credit management for both local and international transactions.

Who can Apply for the Standard Bank Blue Credit Card?

The Standard Bank Blue credit card is designed with broad accessibility, targeting individuals seeking reliable money and finance management through a credit card.

The product is open to both existing bank customers and non-customers, eliminating the necessity of a prior relationship with the institution. As such, the requirements for applying for the Blue credit card include being over 18 years old, possessing a valid South African ID or an authorized passport for residency, and demonstrating a minimum monthly income of R5,000, substantiated with proper documentation.

Notably, the Standard Bank does not impose significant additional criteria for its Blue card, making it accessible to a wide audience.

How do I Apply for the Standard Bank Blue Credit Card?


Blue Credit Card

3D Secure Verification Complete card management via smartphone Quality and Tradition Ucount Rewards points

Monthly limit of up to R250,000!


* You will be directed to an external website

The Standard Bank provides a convenient application process for the Blue credit card, catering to both existing customers and those without prior banking relationships. For existing account holders, the Internet banking platform offers a streamlined application process.

By selecting the ‘Borrow’ menu, customers can input the required information and follow subsequent steps to check eligibility for the credit cards.

Alternatively, the Standard Bank App provides another avenue for application, where users can access the ‘More’ icon, navigate to ‘Open a new account,’ and choose ‘Personal lending’ to apply and assess card availability.

Customers can also request the card via mobile messaging by dialing *120*2345# and following the instructions provided during the call.

Non-customers can initiate the application process by completing the ‘call me back’ form, which includes personal details such as name, South African ID number, phone number, gross monthly income, and total monthly expenses.

Following the form submission, the bank will contact the customer to conduct a comprehensive credit check.

Want to learn about another option?

The credit card market in South Africa presents various opportunities, including those within the Standard Bank. In this context, the Titanium version offers a more comprehensive product with loyalty benefits, providing customers with additional perks.

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