Learn how to apply for the Sable One Secured Credit Card

Our review regarding the Sable One Credit Card. Obtaining an unsecured credit card and establishing credit more quickly than in other places.

I’m interested in the Sable One Secured Credit Card. What are the next steps?

The Sable One Secured credit card is a must option if you are beginning your credit-building path and/or are wanting to have a clear and fast path for an unsecured credit card.

Sable Secured Card customers will receive a dollar-for-dollar reward to match as a welcome incentive at the end of the first year of card membership, instantly doubling their cash-back earnings.


Sable One Secured Credit Card

Credit Building 0 liability Phone protection Warranty coverage

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The Sable Secured Card does not charge a yearly fee or a late payment fee. A 2% foreign transaction fee is charged when buying things outside of the US.

Like most secured credit cards, new Sable cardholders must make an upfront security deposit that acts as their credit limit.

Your credit limit would be $1,000, for instance, if you made a $1,000 security deposit. The maximum deposit is $10,000, and there is no minimum requirement.

Other benefits include:

  • Insurance for a rental automobile; prolonged warranty protection for goods purchased with a card
  • Zero responsibility promised for illicit purchases
  • Price and purchase protection, as well as satisfaction guarantees on the majority of products that you decide you don’t want within 60 days of making them
  • Protection for mobile devices in the event of theft or damage (including a cracked screen)

Who can apply for a Sable One Secured credit card?

There isn’t a credit check necessary, but you’ll need a Sable bank account, a security deposit, and your Social Security number if you have one to be eligible for the Sable One secured credit card. Otherwise, you may be eligible if you have a passport, a U.S. visa, an I-94 for non-tourists, and a U.S. address.

How to apply for a Sable One Secured credit card?

You can start applying on the internet and on the app, but in the end, they go the same path

If you start online

If you start on the Sable One Website, they will want to know about some personal information and an e-mail address for confirmation.

After that, you will be asked to download the Sable One app

If you start already on the app

If you already start on the app, you will follow the same steps only in a different place.

For those who already have a Sable One Account, the process is much simpler, you only need to follow the steps and the documentation required for your application.

If not, as stated before, you need to follow all the processes of opening up an account and then ask for a credit card.

Is it worth having a Sable One Secured credit card?

The answer is: depends on your goals.

This card is perfect for you if you want to start building credit, has lots of rewards and cashback, has the advantages of an unsecured credit card, and allows it faster than other banks.

Apart from the cashback and guarantees this card allows, this is THE credit card for credit building, and if this is your main goal, rest assured this card is for you.

Sable One Credit Card vs Wells Fargo Reflect Card

With a 0% APR on purchases and eligible balance transfers made within 18 months of account establishment, the Wells Fargo Reflect Card offers a great advantage. But transfers need to be made during your first 120 days. Better yet, if you pay at least the minimum amount each month on time, you can extend this time frame to 21 months.

It has a lot of warrants and guarantees, like for a cellphone (with a $600 cellphone protection), however, you need to have a credit score of 600-850, which does not happen with the Sable One Secured credit card

While Sable One is focused on credit building, Wells Fargo is ideal for those focused on transfers to other accounts, since its taxes are lower.

Sable One Secured credit card pros:

  • No need to credit check for a credit card applying
  • Double Cashback on your first year
  • The path to an unsecured credit card is faster than in other institutions.

Wells Fargo Reflect Card pros:

  • Intro APR on purchases and eligible debt transfers for 18 months starting with account opening.
  • No yearly fee
  • Protection for cell phones against theft or damage up to $600.

How to apply for the Wells Fargo Reflect Card?

If somehow you believe the Wells Fargo option is ideal for you, check out this guide on how to apply on its card

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