Learn How to Apply for a SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card

Here are the different steps to apply for the SAA premium card for international travel with additional benefits! 

What do I need to know before applying for a SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card?

SAA provides a range of benefits for traveling with ease. Photo by Freepik.

The SAA Voyager Premium, a high-end credit card collaboration between Nedbank and South African Airways (SAA), caters to frequent travelers seeking a seamless blend of financial and travel perks.

Established in 1934, SAA’s nearly 40 destinations serve as a backdrop for the credit card’s travel-focused features. General benefits include zero fees for supplementary cards, no charges on ticket purchases, and automatic enrollment in the Voyager Rewards program, which provides exclusive discounts.

Tailored for those with a robust travel budget, the premium credit card stands out with features like automatic travel insurance, lounge access, and discounts on partner airlines within the extensive Star Alliance network.

With a relatively high minimum monthly income requirement, the SAA Voyager Premium targets a niche audience, offering not just financial services but a comprehensive travel experience. For individuals with a passion for exploration and a significant budget, this credit card seamlessly combines financial convenience with a range of enticing travel benefits, making it a compelling choice in the realm of premium credit cards.

Who can Apply for the SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card?

Despite featuring the brands of South African Airways and Nedbank, the application process for the credit card does not require loyalty to either the airline or the bank. Thus, while there is availability for customers of these services, Voyager Premium is open to the general public.

In any case, the primary requirements to access the Nedbank card include being over 18 years old, being a South African citizen with a valid ID, or being a foreigner with a valid passport and work authorization. The main factor for the Premium card is income, with customers needing to earn at least R25,000 per month from a verifiable source.

Furthermore, Nedbank considers the customer’s credit score. Therefore, individuals with a negative credit history will not be eligible for the card. Beyond these criteria, there are no significant demands for the SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card, making it accessible to a broader audience.

How do I Apply for the SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card?


SAA Voyager Premium

Discounts on international cruises International acceptance Accumulation of miles for ticket purchases Access to VIP areas

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Nedbank provides various channels for submitting applications for the Voyager Premium Credit Card. Existing bank customers can log in to their Nedbank accounts to apply for the premium card in partnership with SAA.

For non-Nedbank customers, the bank offers an online registration form on its website, where the initial information requested includes full name, SA ID number, phone number, and email.

Subsequent sections of the form ask for details regarding the applicant’s income, expenses, and credit score to better understand their financial conditions and needs. Throughout the application process, the bank requests specific documents, including a copy of the South African ID or a valid passport, as well as stamped payment receipts or bank statements from the last three months.

Applicants also have the option to request the Premium Credit Card in person at a Nedbank branch or by calling the bank’s hotline at 0860 555 111. This multi-channel approach aims to streamline the application process and accommodate both existing customers and those who are new to Nedbank.

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