Learn how to apply for the REI Co-op Mastercard®

If you are into outdoors and shops at REI, you should definitely apply for their card, the REI Co-op Mastercard®and warn 5% cashback!

What do I need to know about the REI Co-op Mastercard®?

REI could seem like your Mecca if you enjoy hiking, camping, and canoeing as hobbies.

The REI Co-op Mastercard®, which is only available to REI Co-op members, accumulates REI perks that may be used in-store, online, or on REI adventure travel.

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REI Co-op Mastercard®

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Some more information about the REI Co-op Mastercard®

You must pay a one-time membership fee of $30 to join REI in order to apply. If you frequently shop at REI, the one-time membership fee is easy to justify because members get a 10% dividend on full-price purchases even without a credit card.

Within 60 days of opening the account, when you make your first non-REI transaction, you won’t be charged an annual fee and will instead get a $100 gift card. When you use the card to pay for an REI Co-op Experience, you can also receive a $50 annual statement credit.
Although there is no ongoing fee for the card, there is a one-time $30 REI Co-op membership fee. Additionally, this card is ideal for regular REI consumers because rewards may only be used with REI.

Rewards must be spent directly with REI, whether they are redeemed online or in person.

There is no need to wait for an annual payout because card advantages can be redeemed immediately in contrast to dividends you receive from your co-op membership. Furthermore, they never end.

An REI membership alone entitles you to annual dividends, but having an REI credit card boosts your earnings. You will receive 5% back on REI purchases and 1.5% back on all other qualified purchases.

The greater earning rate includes REI purchases, which are ordinarily not eligible (such as sale items or gift cards).
In contrast to the previous version, the new REI Co-op Mastercard does not provide 2% cash back on purchases made with a mobile wallet. However, you will receive rewards as you earn them rather than once a year. Every cardholder has access to their points through their REI accounts.

Who can apply for the REI Co-op Mastercard®?

Exclusively accessible to REI Co-op members, the REI Co-op® Mastercard® accumulates REI benefits that may be redeemed in-store, online, or for REI adventure travel. To apply for the card, you must become a member of REI for a one-time fee of $30.
The REI credit card has a minimum credit score requirement of 700, therefore if your credit is bad you shouldn’t be looking at this type of card because it requires good credit.

How to apply for the REI Co-op Mastercard®?

As we stated before, you need an REI membership to be able to apply for this card. Considering you already have it, you will need to get into REI’s website and confirm it.

After that, it is basically your go-to application: you need to apply some information in order to confirm some things, wait for some time (since it is a card designed for good credit) and that’s it!

Is it worth it to have an REI Co-op Mastercard®?

If you’re a fan of REI, you may imagine that this card would take the top spot in your wallet. One reason to try this card is the welcome bonus by itself. However, the benefits are only REI dividends that can be redeemed in person or online.
This card may not be your first choice if you’re searching for flexible rewards or a card with a range of perks; instead, you should consider your alternative possibilities.

REI Co-op Mastercard®vs Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card

Both these cards are amazing and offer insane cashback on their own stores (REI, Amazon, and Whole Foods) while offering some cashback on other purchases.

So, in order to decide which card is best, it truly is just a matter of loyalty. If you are an REI loyal customer, go with the first option, if Amazon is your go-to store, make no mistake with the second option.

REI Co-op Mastercard®benefits

  • Get a $100 REI gift card for new cardholder accounts after the first outside-of-store purchase within 60 days of account opening.
  • All other eligible purchases earn 1.5% back, while REI purchases earn 5% back.
  • Foreign transaction fees are not present.

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card

  • Upon acceptance, you will get an Amazon gift card right away.
  • You can receive 5% back at Amazon.com and Whole Foods Market, 2% back at restaurants, petrol stations, and pharmacies, and 1% back on all other purchases with a qualifying Prime membership.
  • No minimum prize balance is required to redeem a prize.

How to apply for an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card?

If you got interested, please, feel free to check our article on how to apply for this card

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