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What do I need to know about the PenFed Power Cash Rewards Card?

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The PenFed Power Cash Rewards Card is ideal for those looking for a charge-free credit card that has advanced security to prevent fraud. It also has a very useful and usable rewards and cashback system for the customer.

Keep following the article to learn how to purchase the services of this card that rewards you for daily expenses and has incredible partnerships that will help you have more control and be economical!

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PenFed Power Cash Rewards card

$0 annual fee! Reward system

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The card offers whoever decides to purchase it a service that has an extensive amount of rewards without charging excessive annual fees, as it imposes an annual fee of $0 dollars, in addition to that purchases made internationally have the additional no extra fees will be charged for such transfers.

Security The PenFed Power Cash Rewards Card has a technological security system that prevents card fraud regardless of time and day, as the system monitors the actions performed on the card 24 hours a day, every day!

In addition to the service having security for in-person purchases, the methods also apply to purchases made online, in any establishment in the world!

For new customers, a promotion is validated. A $100 USD bonus is available after card usage totals $1500 USD within the first ninety days of purchase.

Rewards redemption

The rewards provided by the Penfed Power Cash Rewards Card can be redeemed in three ways; Through the statement credit, where you will apply directly to your credit card account; Transferring to financial institutions of your choice is also an option, you can schedule redemptions on a monthly basis in the account of your choice; You will also be able to add your cash rewards to your PenFed Checking or Share account.

Who can apply for Penfed Power Cash Rewards Card?

To apply for your Penfed Power Cash Rewards Card you must have an active account as a member of the PenFed credit union and be of legal age in the United States.

An excellent credit history may be required at the time of purchase of the card, as it aims to further improve such history by reporting to the three main credit agencies in the United States.

If you are not an active member of the PenFed Credit Union, you can apply. The process for such enrollment, as well as for making the application for the Penfed Power Cash Rewards Card is detailed in the topic below.

How to apply for Penfed Power Cash Rewards Card?

To apply for the card you must provide information that is essential for the purchase of any credit card through the service’s website.

Some data required is personal information and financial history, in order for you to pass the Service evaluation.

What if I’m not a member of the PenFed credit union?

On the card website you will have the option to register to become a member. Among the requirements are; your address information, personal and financial information.

The membership process is simple and fast. PenFed offers a self-explanatory layout so that future customers will not encounter difficulties when signing up.

Is it worth applying for the Penfed Power Cash Rewards Card?

If you are someone who enjoys credit card services that provide you with rewards and cashback, this card is definitely for you!

Through such a rewards service you will be able to make your money yield more and be used for more purchases and thus improve your credit history, because the card, in addition to everything, the PenFed Power Cash Rewards Card forwards the data of your purchases to the main credit agencies in the country.

 Penfed Power Cash Rewards Card vs First Latitude Platinum Card

The Penfed Power Cash Rewards Card makes available to the user the aforementioned rewards system, in addition to the zero annual fee, while the First Latitude Platinum Card, although small, charges an annual fee for the use of its services and does not have a reward system or cash back

Penfed Power Cash Rewards Card Pros

  • Zeroed annual fee
  • Reward system
  • Cashback system
  • Promotional bonus for new customers

First Latitude Platinum Card pros

  • Small annual fee charged
  • Easy adhesion
  • Small annual fee charged

Learn how to get the First Latitude Platinum Card from the link below:

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