Learn How to Apply for a Nedbank Small Business Credit Card

Check out the step-by-step process and the main conditions to apply for the Nedbank Small Business Credit Card!

What do I need to know before applying for a Nebank Small Business Credit Card?

The credit card offers new ways to manage the company’s finances. Photo by Freepik.

The Nedbank Small Business Credit Card is designed to provide a tailored financial solution for small businesses and startups, offering a flexible credit limit and a range of benefits for both domestic and international use.

As part of the Nedbank Group Limited, which has nearly 130 years of history, the bank has evolved to specialize in various financial services, serving both individuals and businesses throughout South Africa. The credit card, available with either Mastercard or American Express, aims to offer an economical and flexible payment solution for covering daily business expenses.

The card features a customizable monthly limit based on a comprehensive analysis of the business. In terms of costs, the Nedbank Small Business Credit Card has a one-time initiation fee of R262 and a monthly service fee of R57.

The card seeks to facilitate cash flow management by providing efficient expense control through the Nedbank digital platform. Additionally, it comes with purchase protection to enhance security against everyday fraud. The card offers full access to Nedbank’s digital banking services, including the Money app and online banking, allowing users to manage their finances effectively.

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Who can Apply for the Nedbank Small Business Credit Card?

The small business credit card, as the name suggests, is intended for small entrepreneurs and businesses. In this sense, it follows the logic of the credit card market, with the following requirements to qualify for the card:

  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Be a South African citizen or have a valid work permit.

These are the requirements for the individual applying for the card. In terms of the company itself, it needs to meet the following rules:

  • Have a minimum annual turnover of R150,000.

In this regard, the card is open to startups, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as individual entrepreneurs.

It’s worth noting that Nedbank doesn’t make major distinctions based on the type of business, as the primary focus is on the annual revenue.

How do I Apply for the Nedbank Small Business Credit Card?


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To apply for the credit card, the customer needs to fill out the form available on the website. In this regard, the process can be entirely done digitally and online.

The initial information required for the card includes the name, email, phone number, and ID card number.

Subsequently, Nedbank requestes more information about the business. Additionally, it will be necessary to provide documentation proving the annual income in connection with the company. Customers with other accounts at Nedbank can submit the application by logging into the bank’s platform.

Afterward, Nedbank will conduct an analysis for credit card approval, informing the customer about the entire process in a timely manner.

The parameters for the monthly credit limit and other conditions are negotiated between the bank and the client. Additionally, clients can explore other informative and customer service channels provided by Nedbank to address any concerns or questions with the company.

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