Learn how to apply for the JetBlue Plus Card

Do you travel a lot using JetBlue airlines? If so, you need to know how to apply for this card right away and enjoy!

What do I need to know about the JetBlue Plus Card?

Regular JetBlue users should give the Barclays JetBlue Plus Card considerable consideration.

You can earn up to 6 points for every dollar spent on purchases and are eligible for the following welcome bonus: You will receive 80,000 bonus points after making $1,000 in purchases and paying the annual fee in full during the first 90 days.

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JetBlue Plus Card

Rewards No Foreign Fee

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When you renew the card and pay the yearly fee, 5,000 additional points will be added to your account.

With an average of a JetBlue point worth 1.5 cents, you save a lot of money with the points alone

When traveling on JetBlue, travelers can also save money by using the Barclays JetBlue Plus Card.

The first checked bag is free for the cardholder and up to three additional passengers traveling on the same reservation, saving up to $280 for each round-trip flight.

At last, cardholders get a 50% discount on drinks and meals ordered for in-flight consumption. Additionally, there are no foreign transaction fees for purchases made abroad.

Many credit cards for airlines only give out bonus benefits when you make purchases from the airline.

This is not the case with the JetBlue Plus Card, which also awards higher points for dining out and grocery shopping. Because of this, it can be an excellent option for regular purchases.

Keep reading so you will learn how to apply for this card right away!

Who can apply for the JetBlue Plus Card?

The minimum credit score needed for the JetBlue Card is 700. This means that in order to get approved for the JetBlue Card, you must have at least excellent credit.

So, before applying, be careful to understand your situation.

Also, despite the fact that you don’t need to be American, you will need a Social Security Number regardless. So this is another thing to look out for before you consider applying for this card.

How to apply for the JetBlue Plus Card?

Application is done mostly online, and there is nothing very different about what you do with most of the cards.
As soon as you get to the website, and click on the “Apply now!” button, you will be able to fill out some of your personal pieces of information.

It is very important to make sure everything is in order so you will make the chances of approval high.

After this, you will need to wait for a little, since it is a card designed for those with good credit to apply, and that’s it!

Is it worth it o have a JetBlue Plus Card?

The JetBlue Plus card is only for people who fly JetBlue or intend to start doing so because its benefits are largely focused on purchasing flights on the carrier.

Naturally, the more you spend and fly with JetBlue, the more benefits you receive. However, even infrequent airline passengers could benefit from this card.

That’s in part because of the card’s 5,000-point anniversary incentive, which can be used to offset some of the $99 annual charges by purchasing flights and is projected to be worth $71 in total. (considering one JetBlue point in the 1.1/1.5 cents margin)

You might add $329 in annual JetBlue purchases or $986 in yearly petrol and grocery expenditures to further explain the remaining $28.

Alternately, using the card’s complimentary checked bag benefit just once (a $35 value) would support the defense.

The introductory points incentive offers an estimated $852 in value for purchasing flights during the first year of card ownership, more than covering the annual charge.

JetBlue Plus Card vs Citi Rewards +

With both cards, you can make a lot of points and redeem some cashback. But in order for that to happen, both cards require you to fit in certain niches.

The JetBlue card, as we have talked early, is a card designed for those who travel a lot using JetBlue

The Citi card is recommended for those who want to use the round-up system at its best, which allows users to round up to the next 10 points, which makes small purchases more valuable.

JetBlue Plus Card benefits

  • Spend $1 with JetBlue and get six points.
  • Points are unlimited and never lose their value.
  • Up to three passengers traveling on the same reservation are entitled to free checked baggage.
  • Foreign transaction fees are not present.

Citi Rewards+® Card benefits

  • Each purchase was credited with the next 10 reward points.
  • Every year, a 10% bonus is applied to the first 100,000 points that are redeemed.
  • No managing of dynamic categories.
  • No annual fee

How to apply for the Citi Rewards+® Card?

So, if you think this peculiar card can have some use in your wallet, learn how to apply for it right away!

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