Learn How to Apply to FNB Private Clients Credit Card

Here is the step-by-step process to qualify and check the possibility of receiving the FNB Private Credit Card, one of the bank's flagship cards.

What do I need to know before applying for a FNB Private Clients Credit Card?

The FNB Private Credit Card can provide security and convenience for the entire family. Photo by Freepik.

If you are a First National Bank customer, you are already familiar with the extensive possibilities offered by one of the leading banking institutions in South Africa. For years, they have been providing excellent financial management and investment services.

However, if you are not yet a customer of FNB and have not had access to the company, you may consider it a viable option to open an account or use their key services. In either case, the FNB Private Credit Card is a capable tool for managing your finances and enjoying benefits for the whole family.

This is because the FNB Private Clients Credit Card offers complete security with its internet banking applications and instant protection against theft and fraud. For international travelers, FNB provides global travel insurance, discounts on airfare, and access to airport lounges.

Furthermore, the FNB Private Clients Credit Card offers special conditions for insurance and long-term loans, assisting customers in times of emergencies.

Who can Apply for the FNB Private Clients Credit Card?

FNB credit cards are available to account holders within the platform, as well as to those who are not yet customers of the bank and wish to explore First National Bank’s services.

The primary requirement to obtain the FNB Private Clients Credit Card is to have a monthly income in the range of R750,000 to R1,799,999, with the ability to provide proof of such income. In this regard, FNB does not specify any other major conditions, and it is up to the user to proceed with the application.

In this context, it is understandable that FNB conducts a credit check on the customer as well as assesses the customer’s profile.

How do I Apply for the FNB Private Clients Credit Card?


FNB Private Credit Card

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A FNB provides various communication channels for applying to receive the FNB Private Credit Card and all its benefits for financial management.

The first option is the form available on the website. After providing the phone number and South African identification number, citizens can take the initial steps to request the card with First National Bank.

Other options include visiting an FNB branch nationwide or using the FNB mobile app, which can be downloaded to smartphones.

FNB customers can also get in touch with their private account consultant to explore the possibilities of qualifying for the private card.

In any case, the documents required by FNB are:

  • • South African ID book (barcode)
  • Valid passport for South African citizens
  • Passport with valid work or residency visa for non-South Africans
  • Proof of residence dated within 3 months of the application date
  • Pay stubs or bank statements from the last 3 months

As with any credit card, the bank conducts a verification of the customer’s banking information to make a decision regarding the approval of the credit card.

Want to learn about another option?

The First National Bank offers credit cards and banking services for different income levels and monthly expenses. Therefore, it is common for customers to feel lost and confused about the best option for their needs.

The FNB Private Wealth Credit Card is an option above the regular Private card, providing even more premium benefits for those with incomes exceeding R1,700,000 per month.

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