How to apply for the First Latitude Platinum card

Learn how to acquire the card that helps you build a healthy credit history and learn about the various benefits offered!

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To facilitate and help the lives of its customers, the First latitude Platinum Card does not require a positive credit history, as it does not work with such analysis.

The perfect card for those looking for a financial fresh start!

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First Latitude Platinum card

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To maintain steady credit growth, simply pay your bill on time, and with six months of continuous payments at the time you set, you’ll have the chance to purchase a second First Latitude MasterCard Secured Credit Card in your wallet.

As it is a nationally accepted card, the First Latitude Platinum Card is ideal for those looking to gain financial independence and who are tired of being limited to cards linked to specific stores, as they will be able to use the card for everything they want to do, increasing the chances of positive growth in your credit history.

The First Latitude Platinum Credit Card is a product of First Progress, a program that helps new credit card users build a positive credit base for future purchases.

First Progress is the nomenclature where you will be served and will receive monthly statements and make payments. The card has a specific website for data consultation.

Who can apply for First Latitude Platinum card?

To purchase the services offered by the card, you only need to be of legal age (from 18 years of age), to be a resident of the United States of America and have an active bank account in the country.

As previously mentioned, it is not necessary to have a positive credit history, as the purpose of the First Latitude Platinum Card is to help you achieve financial stability and control over your monthly expenses, in addition to making it possible to make purchases in the most varied types of establishments.

How to apply for the First Latitude Platinum card?

The credit card subscription is simple and done online on the service’s official website, where you will provide personal information such as your name and email address, in addition to a digital confidentiality agreement that must be signed by the future user.

Additional financial and contact information will also be required so you can be sure of your new purchase!

The First Latitude Platinum Card’s differential starts with its acquisition, which can be done quickly, simply filling in the data and waiting for confirmation that you will be able to take advantage of the card’s advantages.

In order to restrict the telephone line to only answer questions and needs of consumers, the First Latitude Platinum Card does not currently have the possibility of applying the card through a telephone number.

Is it worth applying for the First Latitude Platinum card?

The card is necessary for those who have high demand for purchases daily and monthly, but who need to improve their credit score in order to achieve financial success.

The card facilitates the achievement of the goal because from the moment the account is opened you will already have your history forwarded to major Credit Agencies in the United States.

By paying within the defined dates, you will be able to quickly obtain a positive credit history and thus have no problems with future purchases. After six months of regular payment you will have the opportunity to purchase a duplicate of your card so that what would already be fast becomes even more effective.

First Latitude Platinum Card vs Altitude Go Visa Card:

The First Altitude Platinum Card does not require a positive credit history and has a simple membership method, while the Altitude Go Visa seeks customers who already have a credit base.

First Latitude Platinum Card pros

  • Easy adhesion
  • No credit history consultation
  • Possibility to add one more card to your wallet after six months of regular payment
  • Small annual fee compared to other cards

Altitude Go Visa Card pros

  • Zeroed annual fee
  • Rewards plan
  • Bonuses for streaming
  • healthy credit limit

Learn how to get the Altitude Go Visa Card from the link below:

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