Learn How to Apply for a Discovery Bank Platinum Suite Credit Card

Explore the step-by-step process to request the Platinum card from Discovery Bank, a multifaceted financial services company in South Africa!

What do I need to know before applying for a Discovery Bank Platinum Suite Credit Card?

Discovery provides assistance both over the phone and through online channels. Photo by Freepik.

The Discovery Bank Platinum is an intermediate and premium credit card offered by Discovery Limited, a South African company in the financial services sector since the 1990s.

With a wide range of benefits, the Platinum card caters to various financial needs, providing rewards in miles, exclusive discounts on travel and lifestyle purchases, and a flexible credit line.

Despite its advantages, potential drawbacks include high annual income requirements for qualification and a less intuitive application process.

Moreover, the Platinum card offers exclusive travel benefits such as free international travel insurance and coverage for lost luggage. The card allows for mileage accumulation through direct purchases, offers discounts with numerous business partners, and provides access to services like Forex for currency conversion and Vitality Money, a financial planning app.

In summary, the Discovery Bank Platinum is an efficient choice for those seeking a comprehensive credit card, both for domestic and international use, with a variety of advantages and benefits.

Who can Apply for the Discovery Platinum Suite Credit Card?

Even though it offers a range of financial services such as bank accounts, various insurances, and investments, Discovery Bank does not require the applicant to already be a customer of any of Discovery’s market niches.

This is because, upon receiving your credit card, the customer will have an associated card account for complete management and access to loyalty benefits with Discovery Bank.

In general, Discovery follows the main requirements for credit card approval, such as:

  • Being a duly registered citizen in South Africa with a valid ID number
  • Being over 18 years old

Additionally, like other credit cards, the Platinum card has an income requirement. In this regard, to qualify for the Platinum card, one must have an annual income between R350,000 and R850,000.

Furthermore, Discovery Bank does not impose other requirements, but it’s worth noting that there will be a credit check and that it is subject to availability.

How do I Apply for the Discovery Bank Platinum Suite Credit Card?


Platinum Suite

Customized limit Access to Forex for currency conversion Mileage benefits Exclusive discounts

The credit card with rewards in miles and exclusive discounts!


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The process of applying for the Discovery Bank Black Suite credit card can be somewhat intricate compared to other credit cards, mainly due to the absence of a dedicated application form provided by the company.

The primary method to request the card is through telephonic communication. Operational 24/7, the contact number 0800 079697 deals with inquiries related to Discovery’s banking services. On the top menu of the webpages, clients can navigate by choosing ‘Individuals’ and ‘Bank’ and then selecting ‘JOIN NOW.’

Discovery presents a page with the option ‘Find your ideal bank account,’ where clients can choose a category like ‘The Best Rewards.’ Subsequently, clients are required to respond to a series of queries concerning their finances and personal details, encompassing monthly earnings and expenditures.

They must also specify their preferred account type among ‘Savings account, transaction account, or credit card account.’ Regarding personal details, clients must furnish their complete name, contact number, ID number, and email. Following the form submission, the bank provides assistance to the client in verifying service possibilities based on the furnished information.

Throughout the procedure, clients may need to furnish documents such as a copy of their South African ID, recent salary slips, proof of residence, and bank statements.

Want to learn about another option?

Discovery Bank itself offers the Black credit card, which brings even more loyalty benefits for use both within and outside of South Africa and features a similar application process.

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