Learn How to Apply for a Discovery Bank Black Suite Credit Card

Check the conditions and step-by-step process to apply for the Discovery Services Black Suite card and enjoy all the rewards.

What do I need to know before applying for a Discovery Bank Black Suite Credit Card?

The Black card offers premium services internationally. Photo by Freepik.

The Discovery Bank Black Suite is a premium credit card offered by the Discovery Bank financial institution, providing a wide range of benefits for its cardholders. From travel services to loyalty rewards, the card stands out for its robust offerings. It provides discounts on flights, car rentals, international travel insurance, and access to lounges, both locally and internationally.

The impressive miles and cashback rewards enable customers to gain discounts on purchases, exchange miles for cash, and receive discounts on flights and accommodations, among other benefits.

The application process is entirely managed by the Discovery Bank system, ensuring security and accuracy, although the strict conditions may pose challenges for certain individuals.

The Discovery Bank Black Suite offers an exceptional array of benefits and rewards for clients who meet its requirements. These benefits range from discounts on purchases to dynamic rewards programs, making it appealing to those seeking significant advantages and a premium experience.

Who can Apply for the Discovery Black Suite Credit Card?

First and foremost, there is no requirement to be a client of other Discovery network services to access the Black Suite credit card.

When applying for the credit card, Discovery Bank establishes a card account for complete financial management of the Black Suite directly through the app. The basic conditions to access the card are having a valid South African ID and being over 18 years old.

Additionally, the Discovery Black Suite is only available to clients with a proven annual income ranging from R850,000 to R2.8 million. Due to its premium benefits and loyalty rewards, the income threshold is relatively high compared to other cards.

Moreover, Discovery does not impose significant additional requirements, but it’s important to note that each application undergoes a credit and availability check.

How do I Apply for the Discovery Bank Black Suite Credit Card?


Black Suite Credit Card

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The credit card with distinctive rewards in miles!


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The application process for the Discovery Bank Black Suite credit card can be somewhat more complex compared to other credit cards, primarily because the company does not provide a dedicated form for the credit card application.

In fact, the main way to apply for the card is through phone contact. Available 24/7, the phone number 0800 079697 handles inquiries about Discovery’s banking services. On the top menu of the pages, customers can navigate by selecting ‘Individuals’ and ‘Bank’ and then choosing the option ‘JOIN NOW.’

Discovery provides a page with the option ‘Find your ideal bank account,’ where customers can select an option such as ‘The Best Rewards.’ Next, customers need to answer a series of questions about their finances and themselves, including monthly income and expenses.

They must also indicate the type of account they prefer among ‘Saving account, transaction account, or credit card account.’ Regarding personal information, customers need to provide full name, phone number, ID number, and email. After submitting the form, the customer will receive assistance from the bank to verify service possibilities based on the provided information.

Throughout the process, the customer may be required to submit documents such as a copy of the South African ID, recent payslips, proof of residence, and bank statements.

Want to learn about another option?

The African Bank also provides a highly personalized credit card experience based on customers’ incomes and needs, offering monthly limits of up to R250,000, and you can learn more about the product.

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