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What do I need to know about the Discover it® Balance Transfer?

One of the top credit cards for bill transfers is the Discover it Balance Transfer card.

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Discover it® Balance Transfer

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It provides the same 18-month introductory 0% APR on balance transfers (followed by a variable APR of 14.99 to 25.99%) as a number of the best transfer cards.

The Discover it Balance Transfer card is designed for people who have credit card debt already.

Balance transfer cards are made to assist customers in paying off debt by moving their outstanding balances to a new credit card, potentially saving them money in the long run on interest fees.

Unlike many other credit cards, the Discover It Balance Transfer credit card allows you to transfer high-interest debt from one card to another while paying no interest for a predetermined amount of time.

Your account will be marked with a 0% APR duration of 18 months for any qualified balance transfers done with this card. It sits midway between cards that offer a year or 14 months and those that offer 21 months or even two years, in terms of such offerings.

But there are fees associated with these transfers: 3% for those done within a few months (the precise number of months varies), and 5% for transfers made after that.

Who can apply for the Discover it® Balance Transfer?

Discover it® Balance Transfer is challenging to get because acceptance requires at least a high credit score.

This indicates that applicants have a fair chance of approval for Discover it® Balance Transfer if their credit score is at least 670 FICO.

These conditions are subject to change, just like the terms of any other credit card for people with excellent credit, but they represent a reasonable range of FICO points to be aware of.

How to apply for your Discover it® Balance Transfer?

Like virtually all other credit card applications, the Discover it® Balance Transfer application is completed online.

However, you will need to give some personal information on the “apply now” pages that will open on Discover’s website.

It is a credit card for people with excellent credit, therefore the application process takes a little longer than usual but is not exceptionally challenging.

You will then need to wait a little period while they review your case and decide whether you qualify for your card.

Is it worth having this card?

The rewards—5% cash back on purchases at several major retailers as well as in categories like groceries and gas—can be advantageous given the match on all cash back earned in your first year with the card.

The 5% rewards only go to those who can arrange themselves, even though the categories that qualify for the higher rate change every month, and you must register every three months in order to receive it.

Discover it is the best option if you want a card without an annual fee that delivers rewarding points on everyday purchases and the chance to get a significant amount of interest-free time on balance transfers to the card.

However, truth be said, you will likely want this card for how good it is to not have an Intro APR, which gives you time and space to breathe and pay your credit debts. If that is your case, few cards can do as well as this one.

Discover it® Balance Transfer vs Chase Freedom Unlimited®

These cards are amazing in what they intend to offer.

While the Discover main perk is the amazing intro APR that allows you to put your balance in order, while the Chase card is an amazing cashback card that can easily become the only card you need.

It all depends on the moment, however, you can combine both to have the best in each world

Discover it® Balance Transfer benefits

  • No yearly charge
  • APR intro period
  • Bonus sections
  • Decent cashback

Chase Freedom Unlimited® benefits

  • No annual fee
  • initial APR period
  • The amazing rate of awards
  • No minimum is required for cashback

How to apply for Chase Freedom Unlimited®?

If you are looking to enjoy the insane amount of benefits from this card, check out how to apply right now!

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