Learn how to apply for the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card

If you want to earn a lot of cashback because you are buying on Amazon, you need to learn how to apply for this card!

What do I need to know about the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card?

Many of the benefits of the Amazon Prime Visa Signature card are carried over from its predecessor, the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature card.

The new card is enhanced by the availability of an unlimited 5% rewards rate on purchases made at Whole Foods and Amazon.com.

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The Amazon Prime card is worth the fuss for current Prime members. The Amazon Prime card comes with certain practical purchasing and travel protections in addition to the fact that you will have a shiny, metal card to flaunt (yep, the card is made of metal) and, of course, a greater rewards rate.

This might undoubtedly be one of the greatest cash-back cards available and the best credit card for Amazon purchases if you frequently make purchases from Whole Foods or Amazon.com.

As a co-branded credit card, the Prime Reward Visa Signature has a lot to offer. It offers a fair cash-back percentage, and rewards may be easily redeemed for Amazon purchases or statement credits. Additionally, it provides excellent consumer protection.

Given its value, if utilized properly, this card can be a terrific addition to your wallet.

Who can apply for the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card?

Only eligible individuals who are 18 years of age or older may be granted a Card Account.
Also, it is a card that is only available if you are an Amazon Prime membership owner, so you need to pass this requirement as well.
Unfortunately, the minimum credit score required is 690, making this a card intended for people with good credit.

How to apply for an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card?

On the Amazon website, the application is completed in large part online.

You must sign into your Amazon account because you must have an Amazon Prime Membership.

The majority of your information was typically already provided in prior subscriptions and orders from there, however, you could be requested to complete and/or confirm certain information.

You will then need to wait since it is a card intended for those with high scores. But don’t worry; you will be able to check the status of your application on the Amazon and Chase websites in a few days at most.

Is it worth it to have an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card?

Due to its high reward rates on Amazon purchases with no spending limits and Visa Signature advantages, the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card is one of the finest credit cards for online shopping.

This card will offer you a healthy return on your investment if you spend roughly $2,800 (ideally more) at Amazon and Whole Foods.

With proper use, you may quickly recoup the cost of your Amazon Prime membership while also taking advantage of other significant benefits, such as surprisingly comprehensive travel and purchase protections.

So, if get into these two categories of people who can use the best of this card, make no mistake, their bonuses are amongst the best

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card vs Amazon Business Prime American Express Card

Truth be said, these cards are much alike in many of their perks. So, what defines one card for another is that the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card is made for a person who wants to make the best out of a lot of cashback

Amazon Business Prime American Express Card on the other hand, like the name suggests, is a business card, tailor-made with a lot of cashback, but allows some bonuses and control for employee cards.

So, it is truly a matter if you have a company or not and/or if you want to share these bonuses with other people.

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card Benefits

  • Upon approval, immediately receive an Amazon gift card.
  • With a qualifying Prime membership, you can get 5% back at Amazon.com and Whole Foods Market, 2% back at eateries, gas stations, and pharmacies, and 1% back on all other purchases.
  • There isn’t a minimum prize balance needed to redeem.

Amazon Business Prime American Express benefits

  • There are no foreign transaction fees.
  • There are free employee cards with purchase restrictions available.
  • For each purchase that is eligible, choose 5% back or 90-day terms at Amazon and Whole Foods.

How to apply for Amazon Business Prime American Express?

If you have seen value in applying for this card, consider taking a look at our article on how to apply.

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