Hilton Honors American Express Card full review

This card can be exactly what you need if you're looking for a solid hotel rewards card without an annual fee.

What do I need to know about the Hilton Honors American Express Card?

There are several opportunities to accrue and use points with the Hilton Honors program, which includes more than 6,400 hotels in nearly 120 nations.

The Hilton Honors American Express Card can be worth considering if you’re a newbie searching for a card that offers some Hilton benefits.

It’s a great choice for travelers looking to start using Hilton Honors because it has a nice welcome offer, generous category bonuses, travel and purchase protections, and no annual fee.

You can use the information below to assess if the card is a good fit for your wallet.

How do the Hilton Honors American Express Card works?

Spending money in a variety of categories will give you points:

Every dollar spent at a Hilton hotel or resort earns 7 Hilton Honors points.

5 Hilton Honors points are awarded for every dollar spent at American restaurants, gas stations, and supermarkets.

On all other purchases, you earn 3 Hilton Honors points.

If you spend $20,000 on the Hilton Honors American Express Card in a calendar year, you will be upgraded to the Hilton Honors Gold level, which is valid until the end of the next calendar year.

The Hilton Honors American Express Card comes with Hilton Honors Silver status.

Better upgrade opportunities, more point earnings during stays, and the crucial complimentary breakfast perk are all included with Hilton Honors Gold.

You’ll even have access to the Executive lounge if you achieve Gold status and are upgraded to an Executive Floor accommodation during a visit.

Where can I spend these points?

With over 6,800 hotels spread over 18 brands, Hilton has a sizable portfolio and does not have any award redemption blackout periods. Rates, however, can differ considerably.

To get the best deals, your best bet is to go for a basic room. The price of upgraded accommodations is frequently doubled in Hilton Honors points.

When trying to redeem your Hilton Honors points, it’s crucial to compare prices because there is so much variety.

You’ll probably have a lot of selections in a major city, so it’s a good idea to choose the one that best meets your requirements.

Two distinct advantages come with using Hilton Honors points as payment. First off, if you book your hotel stay fully using points, you won’t have to pay the resort fee if the hotel levies one.

You should be aware that you will be responsible for the resort charge if you choose to pay with cash and points, an option that is typically only practical in very limited circumstances.

Second, an advantage of owning the card is that if you book five consecutive reward nights, the fifth night is free for Silver members. With this little-known perk, you may use 20% more of your Hilton Honors points for longer stays.

How much money can I save with these points?

According to government spending statistics, the average household spends $683 on lodging each year. If all hotel stays were at Hilton locations, the cardholder would accumulate 4,781 Hilton Honors points at a rate of 7 points for every dollar spent.

The additional 1,366 points will be added to your account in addition to the 2 bonus Hilton Honors points per dollar you would receive with the Hilton Silver level.

The average household in the 70th percentile of wage earners spends $2,687 on gas, $4,406 on dining out, and $5,687 on groceries annually.

Every dollar spent in those three areas earns 5 Hilton Honors points, giving our family 63,900 Hilton points

If a person wants to accumulate Hilton Honors points, they might charge an additional $18,819 on the card in order to gain 56,457 points.

The family will accumulate 126,504 Hilton Honors points each year assuming this annual spending.

This family will have more than enough Hilton Honors points after the welcome bonus for a five-night stay at a hotel using the fifth night free, which can cost up to 50,000 points per night.

Or, in good math, 126.504 points give $ 759

Hilton Honors American Express Card Benefits

  • High rates of point earnings
  • Generous introductory bonus
  • Fifth night free on award stays is included with automatic Silver level.
  • There are no yearly or foreign transaction fees.

How to apply for the Hilton Honors American Express Card?

If you got interested, take a look at how you can apply for this card and enjoy its benefits

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