FNB Premier Credit Card Full Review

With a lot of benefits for international users, this card could be just what you're looking for in a premium product from FNB!

The credit card with a team of specialists is up to you!

The FNB Credit Card for those who want a premier service. Photo by Freepik

The FNB Premier Credit Card is the ideal option for those seeking a more premium service compared to the entry-level cards offered by the South African banking institution.

With a range of conveniences and personalized investment support, it makes perfect sense for both personal and professional use.

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If you’re looking for a card that provides access to a team of assistants to help plan investments and manage your credit card with the aid of experts, Premier Credit can help open those doors.

In that way, the card can help those who need a Premier experience finance themselves with support and counseling.

Inside South Africa, the credit card is accepted by the companies to use the product without any problems. Even if there are some questions, the support team is open to helping.

How Does the FNB Premier Credit Card Work?

The FNB Premier Credit Card is part of FNB’s range of services. FNB is one of the leading banks in South Africa, with years of history in the African market.

The card, which is managed by VISA, enables contactless payments and can also be incorporated into mobile devices via systems such as FNB Pay.

The FNB Premier Credit Card allows for full management of the FNB Premier Account, providing complete control over your finances. Additionally, it grants access to all the benefits of rewards and facilities for contacting personal loans and insurance.

The credit card offers high levels of security and convenience for making payments in both physical and online locations, including options for digital credit cards to use on the internet or on machines within the country and outside of South Africa.

FNB Premier Credit Card Key Benefits

Here are the key benefits of the FNB Premier Credit Card:

1. Financial Assistance

The FNB Credit Card provides a team of finance experts, offering banking advice for transactions and money management. In this sense, it provides support for investments, both within and outside of South Africa. First-rate guidance helps in making sound decisions.

Even if the customer has a good understanding of finances, having a support team makes a significant difference.

2. Security

FNB offers various security protocols for its credit cards, including the Premier. The FNB app is comprehensive and convenient for all moments.

The secure in-app chat allows contact with the banking team at any time of day. This way, the card is fully protected against fraud.

This is because it employs the Smart inContact system to track all outgoing funds with alerts, enabling the reporting of fraud in real-time.

3. eBucks Rewards

The eBucks rewards system from FNB is the bank’s comprehensive program that provides a range of benefits due to the recurrent use of the brand’s credit card.

Thus, each time you spend with the credit card, you receive points within 2 to 3 business days, which can be reflected in the eBucks account to obtain various rewards.

4. Facilities for Loans and Expenses

Similar to other FNB credit cards, clients have access to facilities for applying for loans with competitive interest rates, particularly for medical expenses.

Additionally, purchasing flights with the card can unlock global travel insurance at no cost. In turn, automatic debt protection allows for greater control over expenses.

5. Virtual Card

FNB’s virtual credit card features a CVV number that changes every hour to provide enhanced security for online transactions. It also allows for the accumulation of eBucks on digital purchases.

Possible Drawbacks

Despite offering access to lounges in various airports, the rewards system of the FNB Premier Credit Card may not be the most attractive.

Therefore, individuals seeking more benefits outside of the country may find other options on the market.

Also, the card cannot be managed for those who have a monthly income lower than the minimum required by FNB to complete the application.

How to apply for the FNB Premier Credit Card?

If you’re interested in this higher-tier product from FNB, it’s a good idea to check out our article to get the main information you need.

Credit Card

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