FNB Aspire Credit Card Full Review

FNB Aspire Credit Card is a safe and good option to manage your card entirely online with easy access to the FNB App.

The Security and Tradition from FNB

The FNB Aspire Card can be a good option for your first credit card. Photo by Freepik.

FNB is the oldest bank in South Africa, offering multiple solutions for businesses and individuals. The Aspire Credit Card is a comprehensive and secure card for managing your finances and accessing a range of exclusive benefits.

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The FNB Aspire Credit Card comes with extensive fraud protection. The Smart inContact app reports any suspicions in real-time directly to the bank.

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How Does the FNB Aspire Credit Card Work?

To apply for the FNB Aspire Credit Card, you need to have an annual income between R84,000 – R449,999. You can apply through the official website’s form or by visiting a physical FNB branch.

The initial card from FNB comes with a monthly maintenance fee of R45, and credit limits are negotiated directly on a case-by-case basis.

The Aspire Credit Card offers a customized interest rate tailored to each customer’s needs, with up to 55 days of interest-free for direct card purchases.

One of the significant advantages of the FNB Aspire is the ease of control and management provided by a comprehensive app available 24/7, year-round.

With regular use of the Aspire Credit Card, customers qualify for rewards through the eBucks system, including cashbacks and discounts at various brands.

FNB Aspire Credit Card Key Benefits

Here are the main benefits you can access with the FNB Aspire Credit Card in hand or in its digital version:

1. Security Focus

One of FNB Aspire Credit Card’s main concerns is providing peace of mind to its customers, and it invests significantly in security protocols for product management.

Access to the bank’s app is easy and secure, with speed and encryption designed to provide maximum comfort to customers.

Furthermore, the credit card app offers the Smart inContact feature to quickly report fraud. The system sends alerts for every amount debited from the account.

The brand’s concern for security extends even to card distribution, which is done directly to the address specified by the new customer.

2. Customized Rates

For the Aspire Credit Card, FNB offers complete customization of card services. In this sense, interest rates are personalized according to the customer’s needs.

The balance transfer allows for consolidating outstanding debts on the credit card with a unified 15% interest rate.

The free budgetary mechanism allows for loans with repayment periods of 6 to 60 months. Purchases above R200 can already be accounted for.

3. Easy Access to Additional Services

Depending on the volume of credit card usage, the customer may qualify to obtain Global Travel Insurance for free when purchasing airline tickets with the card.

The FNB Aspire Credit Card offers exclusive features with a +2% interest rate for loans intended for health purposes. To qualify, a qualified option must be selected.

4. eBucks rewards

The eBucks rewards service offers a range of options for partners, such as cashback on international and domestic travel as well as access to the SLOW Lounge at airports.

5. 100% Digital Card

The FNB Aspire Credit Card comes with a 100% digital version of the Virtual Card. In this sense, it features a CVV number created every hour for enhanced security, as well as FNB purchase protection.

The FNB Pay and Tap to Pay systems are fully operational on the digital card, and they’re also integrated into the payment systems of Apple and Google. Even with digital purchases, customers earn eBucks while spending online.

Possible Drawbacks

The credit card limit might be a concern for those who rely on higher usage with larger amounts. For this, FNB itself offers a range of other credit card types for its customers.

In terms of benefits, the volume of eBucks may not offer enough, especially for use within South Africa. Therefore, it’s worth carefully reviewing the eBucks rewards website.

How to apply for the FNB Aspire Credit Card?

If you believe that the FNB Aspire card suits your everyday life, visit our complete article and know how to start the step-by-step process to apply.

Credit Card

Card Application


Got interested? See how to apply!


* You will be directed to an external website

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