Citi Premier ® Credit Card full review

With multiple forms of rewards and zero foreign transaction fees, this card could be just what you're looking for!

What do I need to know about the Citi Premier ® Credit Card Rewards?

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Citi Premier ® Credit Card Rewards is ideal for users looking to make the most of their money. To achieve this goal, you will have a vast amount of rewards that start with your purchases made in your everyday life!

Keep following the article to find out about these benefits and others in more detail, in addition to learning how to have this card in your wallet!

If you are someone who likes to travel and see the world, this card is for you too, as Citi Premier ® Credit Card Rewards does not charge a fee for transactions made outside the United States!

In addition to getting a great reward for points by purchasing plane tickets, hotels, restaurants and others!

New Card Holder Bonus offered by Citi Premier ® Credit Card Reward

If you decide to sign up for the Citi Premier ® Credit Card Reward, you’ll have a new ownership bonus that will earn you 80,000 points!

To receive your 80,000 points, all you have to do is spend $4,000 on your Citi Premier ® Credit Card Reward during the first ninety days (about three months) after opening your account!

The amount can be redeemed through an $800 gift card.

Distribution of points

The distribution of points is done in different ways, through the most common purchases to the most different and punctual ones.

You will earn 3x points when you use your Citi Premier ® Credit Card Reward to make hotel reservations, purchase plane tickets, fill up at gas stations and restaurants.

All other purchases made with the card will earn you 1x points! That is, you win anyway!

Redeem the score obtained

You can redeem your points in a few ways.

You can exchange for airline tickets, booking hotel rooms, to embark on cruises, among many other ways!

You can also exchange them for a wide variety of gift cards, which can be used in department stores, restaurants, among others, just get informed on the service’s official website to discover all the options.

With Thank You ® points you can shop online at or

Fees charged for the service offered

The Citi Premier ® Credit Card Reward charges an annual fee of $95, which falls within the range of annual fees charged by other cards in the same segment.

One of the best differentials of Citi Premier ® Credit Card Reward is that you can be outside the United States and still have the services of the card and without being charged abusive fees, as there are no fees charged for transactions made in a secure manner. foreign.

The buy rate is 19.74% to 27.74%, the APR is variable based on your credibility.

How do the Citi Premier ® Credit Card Reward works?

The Citi Premier ® Credit Card Reward is provided by Mastercard ® and aims to provide its holders with the best possible experience in their purchases, so that they result in something that can be enjoyed in the future.

The points have no limits to be received and there is no expiration date, you will continue to receive them even if you don’t keep in mind that you will use it, but if there is an emergency, it will be there waiting for you to use it!

What are some of the benefits offered by the Citi Premier ® Credit Card Reward ?

As previously mentioned, you will have an initial bonus that will give you 80,000 points after spending on your card totals $4,000 during the first 90 days since opening your account.

You can enjoy $100 off a single hotel stay of $500 or more, excluding taxes and fees, through once a year!

How to apply for the Citi Premier ® Credit Card Reward?

If you’re interested in this card and believe that this is finally the card you’ve been waiting for, don’t waste time and understand in detail how to apply it!

Just click the button below to find out about other benefits and how to get this partner card from those who love rewards and travel!

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