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Boodle is a credit company that focuses on building a strong customer relationship to provide loans based on loyalty!

Loans of up to R8,000!

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Boodle is a credit company that aims to establish a loyalty bond with the customer. Therefore, upon making the first application for the service, the customer has access to a loan of up to R3,000, and if they repay everything correctly, they can qualify to receive up to R8,000 in personal loans with Boodle!

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In addition, Boodle’s lending process is quite fast, with a maximum repayment period of 32 days. Therefore, the company’s goal is to provide immediate funds to cover life emergencies. The purpose of this money can be diverse, ranging from small home repairs to covering medical emergencies for oneself and the family.

With a visual identity based on the image of a smile, Boodle is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and creating a healthy relationship that goes beyond just loans.

So, if you consider Boodle a good option for a financial emergency, you can continue reading the article for full access.

Who is Boodle?

Boodle Loans is a credit company that has been operating in the South African territory since 2001 and is currently registered in the city of Johannesburg as a credit provider duly authorized by the NCR (National Credit Regulator).

In this context, Boodle Loans is a financial services provider that offers unsecured personal loans, meaning it does not require collateral such as property or assets for loan approval.

What are the main conditions for a loan with Boodle Payday Loans?

Boodle operates on a loyalty system called SmileRank, which determines the maximum amount a customer can access. Upon the first request with Boodle, a customer can apply for up to R3,000. Over time, if they achieve a 5-star ranking, they can qualify to receive up to R8,000.

Frequent use of the platform and timely repayments contribute to increasing the customer’s ranking. The maximum repayment period is 36 days, reflecting the characteristic of settling the entire plan on the next payday without dividing payments monthly.

Boodle charges an initiation fee of R165 plus 10% of the amount for loans exceeding R1,000 and an additional 15% for VAT. The maximum annual interest rate (APR) is 60%. Additionally, there is a monthly service fee of R60.

More details about Boodle

The application process for Boodle works as follows: the customer fills out the form provided on the platform with loan and personal information, as well as submitting the correct documentation.

The next step is taken by Boodle, which conducts a thorough credit profile check on the customer to make a decision. If approved, Boodle processes the deposit within 10 minutes.

If the customer is declined, they must wait at least 30 days before making a new loan application.

What are the benefits?

  • Reward System: The SmileRank loyalty plan is an interesting alternative to build a customer relationship and reward optimal platform usage, especially to enhance loan possibilities.
  • Credit for those with a negative history: Boodle promises a careful examination of the customer’s credit profile, not solely relying on good scores. Therefore, those who are not at 100% may have significant chances of obtaining a personal loan.
  • Efficient Platform: Boodle presents a highly responsive website for any device, providing a quick application process facilitated by a fully online and digital system.
  • Customer Service: In addition to the application form, Boodle offers other contact methods for customer inquiries, such as phone number 0861 266 353 and email [email protected].

Possible Drawbacks

The main drawback lies in the maximum loan amounts. Even the R8,000 accessible to the most dedicated users with high SmileRank scores is low if the need is for a larger sum. Therefore, those requiring a substantial amount upfront will have to seek services from another company.

Want to learn how to apply?

The application process for Boodle is centralized in a single form to collect the most important data and information to address the user’s needs.

Therefore, if you need to thoroughly understand all the conditions to avoid mistakes and delays in receiving the money, refer to the dedicated article for more information.

Loan Application

Boodle Loans

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