Altitude Go Visa full review

With an annual fee of $0, Altitude Visa is ideal for those seeking healthy credit with security and rewards

Altitude Go Visa Card illustration.

With an annual fee of $0, Altitude Visa is ideal for those seeking healthy credit with security and rewards. The provides points that can be used in different areas of purchases made daily with the same.

With several benefits, it is definitely a card that any card that has the custom of using credit. Who wouldn’t want to spend when spending?

With the Altitude Go Visa card you can count on some benefits, such as being able to choose your payment due date so that it fits your financial limitations and allows you to stay out of your monthly spending routine.

If you’re someone who needs a little effort to stay alert when paying installments, you can enable automatic payment so you don’t have to deal with future fees caused by late payments.

You can apply the card through the website, where you will register fundamental data for the realization of your card and after that, just wait to take the next step! Here we will help you to better understand how to acquire the Altitude Go Visa.

The service monitors your activities and regularly reports your card status to the three major credit bureaus. By spending within your limits and paying bills on the due day, you will have a better chance of improving your credit history and you may be able to automatically graduate to the U.S. Bank Altitude Go Visa Signature Card. Upon graduation, your security deposit will be returned.

To find out about other benefits provided by the service provided by the Altitude Go Visa card, continue in this publication where we will tell you more.

How does the Altitude Go Visa card works?

To set your credit you will need to make a deposit from $300.00 to $5,000, this amount will be converted into credit and will be kept in a guaranteed savings account, where it will earn interest and will not be manipulated while your account remains open and in good standing. regular.

The amount is refundable, so that in the future you have the right to redeem the same if you feel the need.

The Altitude Go Visa has an annual fee of $0, and a 0% intro APR4 on purchases and balance transfers for the first 12 billing cycles. After that the APR is variable, currently 17.99% – 26.99%.

Altitude Go Visa Card Benefits:

Bonus for streaming of your choice!

The scoring system works through rewards so that they can be used in the most diverse areas and after a period of time using the streaming payment service, you will receive a $15 bonus to use on streaming platforms.

Some of the streamings are; Amazon Music, Amazon Prime Video, Apple Music, Apple TV+, Audible, DirecTV Stream, and more.

Rewards offered by Altitude Go Visa Card for your shopping

  • 4X points on dining, take-out and restaurant delivery 2
  • 2X points at grocery stores, grocery delivery, streaming services, gas stations and electric vehicle charging stations
  • 1X point on all other qualifying purchases

Control your payment date

Other additional benefits would be the possibility to choose the payment day of your bill, so that it fits into your financial routine. Zero fraud liability, where you are not responsible for purchases made with the card if it is lost or stolen. And automatic payment, so you avoid late invoices and possible additional fees.

How to apply Altitude Go Visa card?

To apply the card, you must provide some information about yourself in the membership means informed in the post on how to apply the card on the link bellow.

Secure your card with a deposit of $300 to $5,000. Funds must be available for transfer when you apply. If approved, your card will arrive with a credit line matching the amount of your deposit.

Keep following us here so that you are fully aware of the offers and advantages of the Altitude Go Visa Card!

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