Absa Bank Gold Credit Card Full Review

Discover the benefits of the Absa Bank Gold Credit Card, a comprehensive card for both domestic and international purchases!

Up to R90,000 in monthly credit for purchases with no transaction fees!

Absa Bank Gold can provide you with all the security and control you need to manage your finances. Photo by Freepik.

The Absa Bank Gold Credit Card is an intermediate credit card offered by Absa Bank, one of South Africa’s major financial organizations. The card provides a monthly limit of up to R90,000, preferential rates for VIP lounges, and instant rewards with Absa Advantage at no additional cost.

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Absa Bank is a subsidiary of the Absa Group, which offers a range of financial products and services to the public in South Africa. With offices in other countries such as Mozambique, Uganda, and Ghana, it provides various options for financial planning.

In this regard, Absa Bank offers solutions for individuals and businesses, including insurance, loans, investment advisory, account management, and credit cards.

When it comes to credit cards, Absa Bank provides different options, ranging from the Student Credit Card for young individuals aged 18 and above to the Private Banking Credit Card for clients with higher financial needs.

The Absa Bank Visa Gold Credit Card offers competent management of the client’s accounts and finances. For more information, please read on.

How Does the Absa Bank Gold Credit Card Work?

The Absa Bank Gold Credit Card features the VISA brand and functions as a credit card for financial management. In this regard, Absa Bank offers a complete package with a bank account and credit and debit cards.

Within this package, bank clients are entitled to unlimited electronic payments, a withdrawal fee of up to R4,500 at no cost, and the ability to send money through CashSend.

However, in addition to opting for the complete Gold package at a monthly fee of R135, clients can also request just the Absa Bank Credit Card for a monthly fee of R55. The minimum income requirement to access the card is R4,000 per month, while the credit limit for South African clients is R90,000.

The Absa Bank Gold Card can be used for payments via swipe or tap, using a card, smartphone, or any other device for purchases in physical or online stores.

According to Absa Bank, the card does not incur fees for international purchases beyond standard tax conversions for other currencies.

The total Absa Bank Credit Card package includes credit protection plans to make purchases even more comfortable. Moreover, it offers up to 57 interest-free days on qualified transactions and fixed monthly payments.

What are the Absa Bank Gold Credit Card Benefits?

The main benefits offered by the Absa Bank card are:

  • Full access to the Absa Banking app for 24/7 limit management and reporting of fraud
  • Access to the Bidvest Airport Lounge with reduced and preferential rates
  • Travel insurance of R1.5 million with basic automatic coverage
  • Free lost-card protection
  • Contactless payment using a smartphone or other device for transactions
  • SMS notifications and alerts for added security through the NotifyMe service

As a VISA card, the Absa Gold also comes with the benefits of the international brand, such as:

  • Global Cardholder Assistance Services
  • Local and global offers for discounts
  • Purchase Protection
  • Visa’s medical and legal insurance

Since January 2023, Absa Bank has offered complimentary participation in the Absa Advantage rewards system. The Absa program includes rewards on purchases, cashback, and special bonuses for customers who meet challenges in managing their account and credit card.

Possible Drawbacks

The card comes with a monthly fee, which may not be suitable for individuals looking to avoid such costs. Also, to qualify for the card, a minimum monthly income of R4,000 is necessary, which could be a barrier for some applicants.

Although the card provides some travel-related benefits, such as access to the Bidvest Airport Lounge and basic travel insurance, these may not be as extensive as those provided by dedicated travel cards.

How do I apply for the Absa Bank Gold Credit Card?

The application process for the Absa Bank Gold Card can be done through the online form or through one of the customer service channels. In any case, it is essential to understand the step-by-step procedure.

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