Absa Bank Flexi Core Credit Card Full Review

The Flexi Core from Absa Bank provides an interesting credit card option for everyday use and efficient money management!

Participating in Absa Rewards to earn benefits and build credit!

The Flexi Core offers a good entry-level product to build credit history. Photo by Freepik.

The Absa Bank Flexi Core Credit Card is classified by the bank itself as the premier credit card to initiate the building of good credit and to receive benefits through the exclusive Absa Rewards program for clients of one of the largest banks in South Africa.

Credit Card

Flexi Core Credit Card

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The Flexi Core credit card provides a smart option for payments with both PIN and contactless methods in stores, as well as offering online payments and transactions through smartphones or wearable devices worldwide.

Additionally, as a card designed for individuals without prior credit cards, the Flexi Core provides an intelligent way to start building a credit history for future endeavors within or outside the bank.

So, if you believe the Flexi Core could be a good option, keep reading.

How Does the Absa Bank Flexi Core Credit Card Work?

Absa Bank is one of the subsidiaries of the Absa Group, providing financial solutions for retail and business clients. In this context, the brand’s scope includes wealth management, investment options, and even loans for the South African public.

Founded in South Africa in the 1980s, Absa Bank has undergone various transformations over the years, including the incorporation of other companies and the expansion of financial services.

Beyond personal and business accounts and financial management, Absa Bank also offers a range of credit cards for different needs. The Flexi Core is a credit card targeting individuals who are new to credit cards and have lower incomes, making it ideal for those starting their professional careers.

The credit card is available to both Absa Bank customers and non-customers, whether or not they have a bank account with the company.

The minimum monthly income to qualify for the card is R2,000, with a monthly fee of R44 for both online and offline purchases, including the use of digital cards and payment apps in digital wallets.

Despite being an entry-level credit card, it performs all the functions of a day-to-day-use product with a maximum limit of up to R9,000 for South African customers. Bearing the VISA brand, it also offers the security and benefits of the internationally recognized brand.

What are the Absa Bank Flexi Core Credit Card Benefits?

Certainly, I’ll omit the numbers. Here are the main general benefits of the Absa Bank Start Card:

  • Access to ABSA Banking digital banking services allows for financial management anywhere and anytime
  • Automatic basic coverage for travel emergencies
  • Free protection for lost cards in case of theft, loss, or misplacement
    contactless payments on vending machines worldwide
  • Use of the card to build a credit history.
  • NotifyMe system to receive SMS alerts for any activity on the associated account
  • Up to 57 interest-free days on qualified transactions
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • There are no transaction fees on purchases.

Cardholders also have access to Absa Rewards, Absa Bank’s comprehensive rewards system that provides prizes for completed challenges and card purchases.
Additionally, being a VISA card, customers enjoy benefits such as Global Cardholder Assistance Services, exclusive offers, and deals.

Possible Drawbacks

Firstly, the main drawbacks are directly tied to the card’s own proposition. Indeed, even though it is an introductory card to the world of credit, it has a high limit of R90,000. However, for those with an income of around R2,000 who still need a higher limit, finding another card may be challenging.

On the other hand, for individuals with higher incomes, the Flexi Core might not be the primary choice, as other cards from Absa and other institutions come with additional benefits such as lounge access for those who use the card more frequently both within and outside of South Africa.

How do I apply for the Absa Bank Flexi Core Credit Card?

The application process to apply for the credit card is open to both customers and non-customers of the bank’s banking services. Either way, it’s worthwhile to learn everything about the application forms for entering the world of credit with Flexi Core.

Credit Card

Flexi Core Credit Card

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